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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

First Impressions of Finland

Hello guys and one more time congratulations on your admittance to LUT. This is the first post from the moderators, please make sure to read this carefully. We will have approximately two posts per week, and in addition a weekly fact about Finland post. The subject of the first post is: First expressions of Finland.

You should be expecting a lot of forests, and hopefully a clear sky (depending on when you come of course). A lot of people make a comment on the air quality here in Finland, it is very clean and fresh.

Once you land, and take a train or a bus over to Lappeenranta, the LUT car will take you to your apartments, and over there you will have your tutors waiting for you.

While looking outside from the window of the car, you will see some city life of Finland, it is very organised, clean, not so heavily populated, and people will seem quite busy (minding their own business) . If you come from a place which is heavily populated, once you get to Lappeenranta (and Skinnarila, which is the area around the university) you will soon notice that there simply aren’t that many people around! They might not be smiling as much as you are used to seeing. And once you get out of the city area, you will see a lot of green trees, hopefully many lakes, and some beautiful landscapes of farmland.

As you start making new Finnish friends, a lot of people have noticed that Finnish people don’t mind silence as much as most people would. So when a Finnish person stays quiet, you could find that very awkward, however that seems to be a normal thing for people who don’t know each other that well. Once you get past the “line” of comfort, Finnish people will be very helpful and socially interactive. Some even say they seem like completely different people. We are always trying to be helpful, some more than others. Finnish people tend not to initiate conversations, however once they are a part of the conversation, you do receive their input.

You will also notice that during the summer, Finland simply does not lose sunlight during the evenings. However also in contrast, during the winter, we don’t get much sunlight at all. Also, during the winter, there will be substantial amounts of snow, and it will get cold. We are ranging from summer +35 degrees, to winter -35 degrees, so think about what you pack!

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