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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

What to do next?

Once again congratulations and a warm welcome to our new students! You’re now part of the LUT Family.

Hopefully, most of you have already received your admission documents by now. In case you have not, then wait until MIDDLE of this month. If they have not reached you by then, please contact with LUT Admission Office for additional information. Please DO NOT panic.

1. It is highly advised to read all the necessary documents, before you fill up any form.
2. Fill-up and sign the necessary form(s).
3. Take a scanned copy (for safety reason) of your documents which you are sending back to the LUT by standard mail (NOT e-mail).
4. Send your mail with a register service to be in safe side. Address is mentioned on the form(s).
5. Most probably, within a week the earliest, you will receive a confirmation reply from LUT admission office by email.
6. PLEASE, confirm your study place before the deadline which is being referred in the admission documents you received.
7. Leave us your relevant question, if any.


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