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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

Residence Permit Application

1. You have to have insurance paper before you apply for your residence permit. Please refer to the insurance section below.

2. Before you apply you SHOULD have scanned copy of:
a. a valid passport
b. a certificate of acceptance from a Finnish educational institution
c. a clarification of income
d. a certificate of insurance.

3. Go to this link below and read the instruction CAREFULLY.

4. There are two ways to create user account. Follow the second step to create your user account by using your email address.

5. Then follow the instruction accordingly.

6. If you have any question, then please leave us a comment.

For more information, please visit the site: https://enterfinland.fi/eServices/info/studypermit

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