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Applying for LOAS apartments

Hello newcomers!
Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) is a housing foundation that all students who study in Lappeenranta can apply through the following link to get an accommodation:

Here you can find some useful information. Please follow the steps:
1. Go to the above link and change the language to English.
2. Click on “Apply for apartment “ option on the right side.
3. Follow the application instructions and fill in your details correctly. Then click on “Send Application”

Send just one application via the Internet.
When LOAS have sent you an offer of an apartment, LOAS doesn’t make any changes to your application.
After the residential application has been successfully sent, the following notification is displayed: YOUR FLAT APPLICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED. THANK YOU!
Monday-Thursday 08:00-16:00
and Friday 08:00-12:00
Leirikatu 2 F
53600 Lappeenranta
Telephone: +358 5 668 2800
Fax: +358 5 668 2850

Some more details for your reference:

1. LOAS offers flats for foreign students primarily in addresses: Ruskonlahdenkatu 13-15, Kalliopellonkatu 10, Karankokatu 4 and Punkkerikatu 7 and Teknologiapuistonkatu 4.
Distance of apartments to LUT.
Teknologiapuistonkatu 4: 0.2 km
Punkkerikatu 7: 0.5 km
Kalliopellonkatu 10: 2 km
Ruskonlahdenkatu 13-15: 2 km
Karankokatu 4: 4 km.

2. Details regarding rents and lease agreements can be found here:

3. You can find more information regarding the residential areas from this link:

4. The housing application instructions can be found here:

5. Be sure to go through these rules regarding “Multicultural Housing”

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