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Weather in Finland

What’s the weather like and what to wear during different seasons?

As you may know, in Finland we have four clearly different seasons. The temperature goes from -30 degrees to +30 degrees.

Summer in Finland might be warm and sunny, but usually there are also days that are cold and rainy, and personally I need my light coats also in summer. Usually it’s around 18-20 degrees warm, but can go also near 30 degrees, as well as near 10 degrees, and the weather can change quite fast from warm to cold. In midsummer, the sun doesn’t even go below the horizon, so summer in Finland is very bright!

When the school starts in September, it’s usually still very warm and sunny, but soon you will notice that autumn is coming with all the colors! In autumn be prepared to upcoming darkness and rainy weather.

In winter we have a lot of snow and cold weather. The sun is up only few hours, so wintertime is very dark also. Even though winter is quite dark, it is very beautiful with all the white snow and frosty scenes. You will need warm jackets and boots. 🙂

After winter it gets brighter and warmer, but spring can be quite rainy as well. In April we already get sunny and warm days and in may it can be already 20 degrees warm.

The weather can change very fast and it can be quite different depending on the year. Sometimes the wintertime is warm and there’s not very much snow, and summer can be very cold.

Be prepared to anything, I’m sure you will anyway find Finland very beautiful! And what comes to weather, Finnish people love to talk about it !

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