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Food at LUT

You can find plenty of restaurants and cafeterias at the campus area. Probably the most popular restaurant is owned by the student union and located in the student union building. This restaurant is called Aalef, and you can eat there breakfast, lunch or snacks. Every day there is plenty of choices what to eat – porrige, soup, vegetable food, salad and two kinds of meat/chicken/fish food. The prices vary from 1,1€ to 4,80€ and the most common food is 2,60€ which includes food as much as you like, drinks, salad and bread! The food is very good and fresh!

There is also three other big restaurants – Laseri, which is located about 100 meters from university building, and one restaurant in the university building and another one in the AMK building, which is located also nearby the university building.
The prices in these restaurants are also about 2€ to 4,80€.

I’m sure you will find every day food you like 🙂 in addition to these restaurants, there are couple of cafeterias in the campus to buy soup lunch, snacks, coffee etc. The prices are available only for student with student card, so I strongly recommend to get one once you paid the student union fee!

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