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SALUT – LUT Sports

Today’s post is all about the sport facilities at LUT Campus.


SaLUT is a joint project of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology, that aims to promote and support the students’ well-being during studies. SaLUT includes a wide range of sports and prosperity services as well as organizes a variety of demo classes and events.
To use SaLUT’s sport and prosperity services you need to have a pass. The pass is a sticker which is attached to your student card. There are two types of passes: sports pass and group sports pass. You may choose which one suits better your interests.

LUT Campus consist of gym facilities, a sports hall (for badminton, basketball, volleyball, floorball etc) and a mirror hall (which can be used for ping pong, dance etc). Furthermore, you can use the sports hall at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences which is located beside LUT. In addition to other sports, you can play tennis there.

There is a timetable for some certain types of sports like badminton, basketball, volleyball and etc. For some of them like badminton you have to book a court at the allocated time, but for volleyball or basketball, you can just show up. There are also some free hours in the timetable that you can book the whole sports hall or the mirror hall to do whatever you want! All these benefits are available with a regular SaLUT SPORTS PASS which costs 20 €/semester.

On the other hand, there are some group sports (like Gym circuit, Fitness boxing, Kettlebell, Bootcamp, etc.) which are under the supervision of a professional trainer. You will need a GROUP SPORT PASS for participating in this classes and that costs 60 €/semester. If you got a group sport pass, you do not need a regular sport pass. Also, you will have a student discount in the pool at city center with a SaLUT sport pass.

You can pay the membership fee online or in cash at Aalef Store, which is located in the Student Union building, but before that you have to fill in the online application form at their website: http://www.salut.fi/en/

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