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Student union at LUT

All the students HAVE TO BE members of the Student Union, LTKY. Students (Degree and/or Exchange) can become members once they pay the student union fee after their arrival. By becoming a LTKY member, a student can get benefits, such as free health care and so on. In addition to that, without being member of LTKY, you cannot register for your courses.
Student Union membership fee is €117 for 2016-17 Academic year.

LTKY members elect the student representatives to the council. Election held every other year. The Representative council is the cognitive part of the student council. Representative council elects the board members, decide the amount of membership fees and ratifies the budget. There are 25 clubs, 8 guilds and 6 associations under the control and supervision of the LTKY.

You can find more information by visiting their webpage:

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