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My Favourite Course at LUT: Programming

I am currently on my second year in uni, and have completed only the courses necessary for the first and second year. Most people say these are the worst courses that you can have in uni, and are always such a hassle to get through. This can be true, however in my opinion they are overly exaggerating when saying that.

The most interesting, or personally challenging course has most likely been introduction to programming. This course went throughout the whole year, and had 2 hour training sessions once a week throughout almost the whole year. Each training session would consist of 5 small challenges, and since it was an introduction course, I’m sure these problems would be easy for some of you, however not so much for the beginners.
I personally liked this course due to the fact that it was challenging, and you would get a really satisfied feeling after you have finished a code and it would actually play out the way you meant it to. This was rarely the case but when it did, it felt awesome!

The credit to time spent ratio on this course is quite bad, however I soon got into the habit of it and it didn’t become a problem at all. This has been my first or second step towards being able to code. The good part about this course, was that the practices were not compulsory, meaning you could just go online to show that you have completed the challenges. I ended up spending more time on my own than I would have at the practices, but I also feel like I learned much more when I had to figure everything out by myself.

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