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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

My Favourite Course at LUT #2

I’m starting my third year of Bachelors studies in Industrial Engineering and Management next year so both of these are Bachelors courses taught in Finnish.

  1. Advanced course in Supply Chain Management
    This is a second year Bachelors course, meant to be taken after the basic course in Supply Chain Management. This course was one of the best courses in my IEM studies so far at combining different learning methods in a meaningful way. The course consisted of great lectures by professor Janne Huiskonen, group works with a heavy focus on analysing different supply chain models in Excel and essays.
  2. Basics of Databases
    This is also a second year Bachelors course, but in Computer Sciences which I am doing as my minor subject. This was a really fun and interactive course although we only had one lecture face-to-face with the professor Antti Knutas. We had pre-recorderd lectures in moodle and three kinds of weekly assignments in moodle and in Viope. At the end of the course we had to design and build our own database using SQL and Python. The professor was really encouraging and vested in our success on the course even though we only met him once and he had put a lot of extra material on Moodle if someone was more interested on the topics that were covered.

Panu Laukkanen (third year student)


I just graduated as a Bachelor with my major being International Business, also I have already completed some Master level courses in International Marketing Management (MIMM) so you can guess what my favorite courses are related to…

  1. Cross-Cultural Issues in International Business
    A Bachelor level course (will be taught in the 3rd period). As cultural differences are extremely interesting in my opinion, I also liked this course. The course takes a look at the effect of culture in a business context and implications on marketing and management. The course included case assignments and a term paper where you would describe and compare two different cultures from a business point of view.
  2. Strategic Global Marketing Management
    A Master level course (will be taught in the 1st period) – covering the basics of marketing. However, as this is a Master course, the pace was quite fast and the assignments more demanding. What I most liked about the course is that we did a term paper in multicultural groups, so I learned about working with people from different backgrounds and improved my presentation skills! Our term paper was a marketing plan for Spotify so the topic was quite interesting.
  3. Digital Marketing
    A Master level course (intensive course in 3rd period). This course was taught first time this year and it had a visiting professor from San Francisco. Thus, the course was an intensive course – which means that for one week we had 20 hours of lectures and an exam right afterwards. However, what took up most of the time, was the field project that was demanding but also interesting. During the project we created our own website (I learned you can make websites even though you wouldn’t know anything about coding…) We launched new content every week in the form of blog posts and marketed our web page through Facebook, Google AdWords and newsletters. In addition to this, we were learning about things like search engine optimization and Google Analytics. Thus, the course had a hands-on approach in addition to the lectures.

Eeva Tirkkonen (fourth year student)

For study guides and course descriptions you can visit the WebOodi portal (https://weboodi.lut.fi/oodi/opasopiskopas.jsp?Kieli=6)

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