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Travel tips in Finland: Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg

Dear Newcomers,

Today, I am going tell you about some travel tips to St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm!

Well, as you know Finland has borders with Russia, Sweden and through Gulf of Finland with Estonia. It means during your stay in Finland, you can easily travel to these countries.

St. Petersburg (in Russian: Санкт-Петербург):

St. Petersburg (or in Finnish: Pietari), 2nd largest city in Russia and located 200 km far from Lappeenranta with 5 million inhabitants, is one the most tourist attraction cities in Russia. This fabulous city is full of sightseeing and monuments. Amazing Neva River goes through the city and significant view from the bridges would be an unforgettable experience. Palace Square, Hermitage Museum and Church of the Savior on Blood are the most popular places to visit. Nevsky prospect is the main street in St. Petersburg and you’ll find luxury shopping malls, restaurants and café and bars.

I have to mention that, St. Petersburg metro is one of the deepest metro in the world!

You can reach St. Petersburg by ferry, train, bus or plane. Most students go there by ferry, because you don’t need visa if you travel by ferry and you can stay there for 72 hours. In summer, there’s a direct ferry from Lappeenranta to Vyborg and that takes 5.5h. Then, you can take a bus from Vyborg to St. Petersburg which takes around 2.5h. But from Helsinki harbor, there’s a direct ferry to St. Petersburg, all days of year and takes about 17.5h.

If you’re planning to travel by train, car, bus or plane, you need Russian visa. There’s a Russian consulate in Lappeenranta. EU citizen can get Russian visa within 6 working days. Some nationalities, like Turkish, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Brazilian, Chilean, Thai and some others don’t need visa to travel to Russia either by ferry, train, car, bus, or plane. Note that it’s quiet challenging to get visa for non-EU citizens from Russian consulate in Lappeenranta.
For those who wanna travel by train, they have to take the van or bus which goes to Vainikkala train station, close to Russian border, and it takes 30 min. Then, take the Allegro train to St. Petersburg which takes just 1.5h.
Note: Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organizes trip to St. Petersburg by ferry and it may costs around 300 EUR.
At the end, I have to say, it’s worth to visit St. Petersburg! Let’s go in autumn!


I can say, small, cozy, beautiful and lovely city! Tallinn is the capital of Estonia which located north of the country, close to Gulf of Finland. The population of the country is 1.3 million and 430,000 of them live in Tallinn. It’s nice to know that Estonia is the land of Skype!

The most popular place is Old Town with narrow alley that covered by cobblestone. There are a lot of café and restaurants and bar. Also, the nightlife is crazy there! Walking through the old town makes you relaxed and gives a great passion. You’ll see amazing architecture with spectacular design.

Another thing that you should see is Toompea Castle which built in 9th century. Now, is the Parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu)!
In my opinion, the costs are reasonable comparing with Finland. You can get there by ferry from Helsinki and almost takes 2h.
Note: Probably, ESN will organize a trip to Tallinn and maybe costs around 100 EUR.

Stockholm (in Finnish: Tukholma):

With 900,000 inhabitants, Stockholm is the most populous city in Scandinavia. Luxury, rich culture, polite, kind, discipline, punctual and clean and in conclusion: Amazing! This beautiful city consists of many sightseeing and attractions.

Gamla stan (old town) is hilarious. You can see the symbol of Stockholm, “Stortorget (big square)”. It’s full of colors and look like a painting. Also, you’ll see the Royal Palace which founded in 18th century. Antother tourist attraction is Stockholm Globe City, contains a number of sport venues, office areas and shopping centers. Drottninggatan (queen street) is a main street where you can find famous brand in order to shop. Also, some good café and restaurants and bar are located there. Nightlife would be fantastic in this street.
You can reach Stockholm either by ferry or plane. By plane, it takes 1h from Helsinki, while by ferry it takes around 17h from Helsinki.

Note: ESN organizes trip to Stockholm by ferry and it may costs around 100 EUR and it’s really popular among students and from all over of Finland, students will come to this cruise trip which called “Pirates of the Baltic Sea!”

The last tip: just travel!
Enjoy your stay in Finland! 😉

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