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Clubs at LUT


In the case that you were looking for night clubs at LUT, this post unfortunately does not contain the night clubs available in Lappeenranta.The students of each department have their own student club, a guild. The guilds organise parties, excursions and different kinds of happenings to unite the students of each department. They also sell clothes with the logo of the guild, badges and songbooks. One of the most visible signs of the guilds’ activities is the overalls that they provide for their members. Each guild has different colour overalls, and it is regarded as the “student uniform” at most parties and excursions. You can buy overalls from your guild.

There are about 30 clubs at the university under the control and supervision of the Student Union, LTKY. They all offer students the opportunity to have a good time doing things they are interested in. There are clubs for different things: anything from theatre, horseback riding, board games, choir, hiking, sailing… For the full list, please see this website: https://ltky.fi/clubs/?lang=en Most clubs are active during the fall and spring semesters. You can find more information about them on the bulletin boards at the university.

If you can’t find a club, that suits your interest, from the listing below it also possible to establish a club of your own. For establishing a club, please contact the Secretary General of the student union for directions. For more info:http://ltky.fi/clubs/?lang=en 




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