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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Last minute prep and culture shock

Hope all of you are acting accordingly before your departure to Finland. Try to make a checklist. Please DO NOT FORGET to take your necessary documents before your take-off. If you cannot bring any belongings, then you can buy it [...]

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Public Transportation

Even though most of LUT’s international students are receiving LUT driving services from LUT for their arrival, as you hopefully know, the drivers wont be working a full year around. You wont have personal drivers through LUT for the whole [...]

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Weekly fact: Birch leaves

An interesting fact about Finland: There is a tradition to hit each other on the back with birch leaves when you are in the sauna. Do not ask me why we do this, but it makes the place smell pretty [...]

08.12.2016 Weekly fact

How to interact with your flatmates!

Most of LUT’s international students live in LOAS’s shared apartments with one or two flatmates. Living with foreigners could be a very nice international experience IF YOU want! Communication is the most effective tools for living together happily. When you [...]

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How to get to Lappeenranta

Welcome to Finland/Tervetuloa Suomeen. If you are lost in the Helsinki airport than please ask someone to help you. Airport is known as LENTOASEMA in Finnish. 1. Airport to Helsinki/Tikkurila: a. Airport – Tikkurila: Take the ā€œPā€ train and hop-off [...]

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What should you bring with you to LUT?

Dear Newcomers, Today I will offer some advice on what all you need to bring with you. This is just based on my experiences. 1) All the official documents Educational certificates that LUT needs for the verification, Medical certificates (if [...]

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Weekly Fact: Competitions

A fact about Finland: There are very strange competitions in Finland, some of these include mosquito hunting, mobile phone throwing, swamp football, rubber boot throwing and air guitar world championships. [...]

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