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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

What should you bring with you to LUT?

Dear Newcomers,

Today I will offer some advice on what all you need to bring with you. This is just based on my experiences.

1) All the official documents
Educational certificates that LUT needs for the verification, Medical certificates (if you think you’ll need them)

2) Clothes and shoes
Don’t bring too many clothes because you can buy from Lappeenranta,(new and second hand) but it may be expensive compared to your counties (it depends on you). Remember to bring some thermal wear because winter is coming in a few months and it’ll be very useful. Some people may think of bringing thick blankets, pillows, jackets and shoes, etc… but these stuff takes a very large space. Sometimes they may not suit for the temperature here in Finland. Of course, these are necessary but think about these things compared to the other stuff that you have to bring. You can buy all of them here.

3) Food
This is the main problem you face when you are packing. You may try to bring lots of food and some other stuff for cooking. Please don’t do that. But I suggest to bring some special things like spices that you would use in your countries ( especially for Asian students as it’s very difficult to find those spices here).

4) Kitchen stuff
Considering the kitchen stuff, it’s not necessary to bring and you can buy any kinds of kitchen stuff from the supermarkets. Also you can find them in second hand shops for very cheap prices.

5) Stationaries
You can find any kinds of stationaries even in the university book shop. But you can bring your preferred things if you want. Remember that all plug points are round in all LOAS apartments and in the university. But I recommend you to get those 3 pin to 2 pin converters as it would come in handy.

6) Personal stuff
Remember to bring the thing that you personally use because sometimes it may not possible to find them here.

Any way you can bring anything whatever you want according to the weight that allows in the airline. I just reminded to clear up you doubts about some things. Some people misunderstand about some things and bring lots of stuff which you can easily find here and forget about the most important things.

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