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How to get to Lappeenranta

Welcome to Finland/Tervetuloa Suomeen.
If you are lost in the Helsinki airport than please ask someone to help you. Airport is known as LENTOASEMA in Finnish.
1. Airport to Helsinki/Tikkurila:

a. Airport – Tikkurila: Take the “P” train and hop-off at the TIKKURILA train station. From there, you can take train heading to Lappeenranta. This is the faster way to Lappeenranta. Airport – Tikkurila ticket price €3 and takes 7 minutes approx. Tikkurila-Lappenranta €40-€45 (instant price) and 1.50hrs approx. Price may vary.

b. Airport – Helsinki: Bus 615 is back and forth Helsinki and Airport. You can take this to come to the Helsinki city centre. By bus you can enjoy the Finnish nature and landscape. Airport – Helsinki ticket price €5 and takes 30 minutes approx. Then take the train at your suitable time to Lappeenranta.

c. Airport – Helsinki: Also you can take either I or P train. Both of them are running to the different directions but same destination Helsinki. From Helsinki central railway station take the train at your suitable time to Lappeenranta. Airport – Helsinki ticket price €5 and takes 30 minutes max.

**** You can buy ticket from the vending machine in the airport or bus driver or ticket seller in the train. In the train, make sure that you are in the ticket selling compartment. Remember to buy your ticket in the I or P train. Otherwise, you might get €100 penalty. Better to be in safe side. More info about train route:

2. Helsinki to Lappeenranta:
a. Train: If some of you are coming together to Lappeenranta than you can ask for group discount from the ticket seller but first try to get student discount which is 50%. Train is faster but expensive and it takes 2.15hrs approx. Helsinki-Lappenranta €40-€45 (instant price) . More info:
b. Bus: Bus is not faster but cheaper if you buy your ticket in prior hand. This bus is known as Onnibus and leaves from Helsinki Kamppi station ( 5 minutes walking distance form Helsinki trainstation) and takes 3,15hrs approx. It would cost you €5-€10. More info:
c. Both train and bus search criteria: From Helsinki to Lappeenranta.

3. Also there is express bus from Helsinki Airport to Lappeenranta. You might get it after your arrival if you are lucky. This is not frequent.

4. Lappeenranta train station to your home: If you arrive during LUT Driver service hours you will ha a LUT driver to pick you up. Other wise you will have to use bus or taxi.

The best connection to the campus from the Travel Center is bus number 5 which goes every half an hour in daytime and once an hour in the evening. If you happen to arrive so that you have to wait a long time for bus number 5, you can walk to the city and use bus number one. Bus number one also goes every half an hour, but between bus number 5. Last chance is to use a taxi which costs around 20e (from the station to Skinnarila), you can get it usually from the Travel Center or by calling 0200 60 400.

Have a pleasant journey. 🙂

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