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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

Last minute prep and culture shock

Hope all of you are acting accordingly before your departure to Finland. Try to make a checklist. Please DO NOT FORGET to take your necessary documents before your take-off. If you cannot bring any belongings, then you can buy it from here. If you don’t have laptop and are planning to buy from your country than I would recommended you to buy it from here as key board differs in Finland. REMEMBER, Finland is one of the expensive countries for you who are coming from Africa and Asian region as you can get glimpse from the amount € 6700 that you showed for RP.

Also, prepare for the cultural shock. What is normal in your culture may be abnormal in Finland and vice versa. Finns do not talk much but they are very helpful with excellent English skill. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask them. Honesty is highly respected here as Finland is one of the least corrupted countries in this planet.

Finland has little over 5.4 million population and total land area is 338,424 km2. Density is 18/sq.km. approx. Thus, do not expect to see lot of people in any place without any occasion.

It is recommended that you have some cash euros in your hand.

Hope your packing is done. Our dynamic tutors and drivers are awaiting to welcoming you. Your passport and air ticket is ready too. Now time to take-off.

Have a pleasant journey/ Hyvää matkaa………………

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