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LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

Public Transportation

Even though most of LUT’s international students are receiving LUT driving services from LUT for their arrival, as you hopefully know, the drivers wont be working a full year around. You wont have personal drivers through LUT for the whole time that you are in Finland. You are most likely going to need information about public transportation around LUT.

First “nice to know”-thing is that there are busses which arrive right infront of LUT, so the amount of walking that you have to do is minimal. Most apartments have bus stops very close by, usually within about 100m from the apartment. The most common busses that are used, are busses number 5 and 3. Bus number 3 goes from the university straight to the bus and train station, and then back to the university through the city. Bus number 5 goes from the university, to the city, and then through the bus and train station back to the university. There are the two main busses that you will most likely use. An honorable mention is bus number 1, which is a bus that goes almost the same route as bus number 5, but with slight alternations, and takes quite a lot longer to get to the city (sometimes worth taking if there isn’t a bus 5 coming anytime soon).

An extremely useful tool is the application on the websitehttp://bussit.lappeenranta.fi/reittiopas/main# , where you can input where you want to go from, and where to, and it will create a route for you. You guys should try it out with the apartment that you have and input “yliopisto” (university) into the “To:” section. It will create a couple different choices, and you can click on them to see, which one suits you the best.

One last thing about public transportation in Lappeenranta: when you have a student card, you can get a bus card, which has a specific discount for students. Your tutor will show you where to get these. The place is called Aalef book store, and the store is located next to the LTKY office, which will be shown to you by your tutor once again.

Most students either buy a second hand bike to get to school, walk to school, or take the bus. This really depends on you, and your location.

Thanks for tuning in and hopefully you found some useful information from this post!


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