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Finnish Food Traditions

I’m now going to tell you a little about the food traditions we have in Finland. The most traditional and well-known foods are probably Karelian pasties, meatballs and pea soup. Karelian pasties are made with rye flour and filled with rice pudding. Pasties are usually offered with butter mixed with boiled egg that is spread on the pasty. Meatballs are often offered with mashed potatoes and gravy sauce. Pea soup is traditionally served on Thursdays and often with pancakes with hallon jam! yummy

In Finnish cuisine there is a big role on fresh tastes. Berries, mushrooms and vegetables are preferred to be cooked fresh. That’s why many people go to forest to pick up for example blueberries for blueberry pie or chanterelles for sauce with potatoes.
Also meat (mostly pork, beef and chicken) and fish (eg. Salmon) can be found in Finnish dinners almost every day.


Dark and fiber-rich rye bread is something everyone in Finland eats. It is also usually the fist thing Finns miss when traveling abroad. Also crisp rye bread “näkkileipä” is very good even with only butter on it. Also rye- and oatmeal porridges are usually seen in breakfast tables.


Christmas foods are also very traditional in Finland. In the morning people eat milk-based rice porridge and for dinner there are baked ham, potato- and carrot casseroles, fish, “glögi” and a lot more! There are also traditional foods for May Day, Easter, Shrove Thursday, Runeberg’s day etc.


For dessert we love Cinnamon Rolls, salty liquorice “salmiakki”, “Fazer’s blue” chocolate, whipped lingon porridge to mention a few.

I hope this gave you an outlook about Finnish cuisine. I love our Finnish foods and I hope you try them, hope you like them too!! 🙂


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