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Food at LUT

You can find plenty of restaurants and cafeterias at the campus area. Probably the most popular restaurant is owned by the student union and located in the student union building. This restaurant is called Aalef, and you can eat there [...]

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Fact about Finland: 1 and 2 cent coins

Lets throw in another fact about Finland: We do not use 1cent or 2 cent coins. Stores are not even obliged to take them. In fact, most things in Finland can be bought with a credit card. I myself barely [...]

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Weather in Finland

What’s the weather like and what to wear during different seasons? As you may know, in Finland we have four clearly different seasons. The temperature goes from -30 degrees to +30 degrees. Summer in Finland might be warm and sunny, [...]

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Fact about Finland: Santa Claus

Fact about Finland: The fatherly figure known as Santa Claus (joulupukki) resides near the town of Rovaniemi. Santa Claus post office receives approximately 700,000 letters from children, and so far from 198 different countries. [...]

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Language opportunities at LUT

Dear Newcomers, During your studies at LUT, you will have the opportunity to experience new languages and to develop your communication and intercultural skills for free! The Language Centre offers a wide range of courses at different levels in the [...]

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How much money do you need to survive in Finland?

Dear Newcomers, Today you will find some information about How much money you need to Survive in Finland. Cost of Living In the ranking, Finland can be found as one of the most expensive countries in the world. A student [...]

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Weekly fact: Wife carrying championships

Time for another fact about Finland: At the wife carrying championships in Finland, the first prize is the wife’s weight in beer! What could possibly be better? [...]

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Career prospects in Finland

Finland has good opportunities to build a career. Here are some things you should know when thinking about career in Finland. Finland is very competitive in sectors like engineering and electronics, but career in any sector is possible, of course. [...]

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Applying for LOAS apartments

Hello newcomers! Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) is a housing foundation that all students who study in Lappeenranta can apply through the following link to get an accommodation: Here you can find some useful information. Please follow the steps: [...]

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Health Insurance and how to get it

You have to purchase your insurance before you proceed to the residence permit application. You do not have to purchase form the recommended companies below as far as policy satisfy the condition (No 2 & 3 below) 1. You would [...]

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