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Weekly fact about Finland: Moomins

A fact about Finland: Moomins Widely known fairytale characters Moomins are from Finland. Internationally beloved Moomins were created by Finnish writer and artist Tove Jansson between 1945 and 1977. Tova Jansson is the author of all the Moomin stories, that [...]

08.13.2019 Weekly fact

Weekly fact about Finland: Wife carrying

A fact about Finland: At the wife carrying championships in Finland, the first prize is the wife’s weight in beer! What could possibly be better? [...]

05.27.2017 Weekly fact

Weekly fact: Birch leaves

An interesting fact about Finland: There is a tradition to hit each other on the back with birch leaves when you are in the sauna. Do not ask me why we do this, but it makes the place smell pretty [...]

08.12.2016 Weekly fact

Weekly Fact: Competitions

A fact about Finland: There are very strange competitions in Finland, some of these include mosquito hunting, mobile phone throwing, swamp football, rubber boot throwing and air guitar world championships. [...]

08.01.2016 Weekly fact

Weekly fact: The sun during summer

Weekly fact about Finland: Finland is also known as the land of the midnight sun, since during June and July, in the north, the sun doesn’t drop below the horizon. [...]

07.26.2016 Weekly fact

Fact about Finland: Coffee drinking

Fact about Finland: Finland is the worlds number 1 coffee consumer, gulping down no less than 12kg of the black substance per person annually. [...]

07.18.2016 Weekly fact

Finland fact: Largest lake in Finland

Hi guys, another fact about Finland: The largest late in Finland is Lake Saimaa, which is 1377 square kilometers, and it just happens to be right next to our university ! [...]

06.10.2016 Weekly fact

Weekly fact about Finland: Cruise ships

A very useful fact about Finland: There is a cruise ship that runs between Tallinn and Helsinki, for the sole purpose of purchasing cheap alcohol. [...]

05.16.2016 Weekly fact

Weekly fact about Finland: Official languages

A fact about Finland: Finland has two official languages, Swedish and Finnish. Every Finnish person is required to study Swedish in school and in fact, there is a required Swedish course in our university for the Finnish students. [...]

05.10.2016 Weekly fact

Weekly fact about Finland: Finland has mandatory military training

Fact about Finland: Finland has mandatory military training for men. It lasts from half a year to a full year. Close to all of your soon to be Finnish male friends have been through the army. [...]

05.06.2016 Weekly fact