LUT Newcomers The blog is created to provide general information to LUT Newcomers about Lappeenranta and on a more wide area, Finland.

Travel tips in Finland: Stockholm, Tallinn, St. Petersburg

Dear Newcomers, Today, I am going tell you about some travel tips to St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm! Well, as you know Finland has borders with Russia, Sweden and through Gulf of Finland with Estonia. It means during your stay in Finland, you can easily travel to these countries. St. [...]

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My Favourite Course at LUT: Programming

I am currently on my second year in uni, and have completed only the courses necessary for the first and second year. Most people say these are the worst courses that you can have in uni, and are always such a hassle to get through. This can be true, however [...]

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Places worth visiting in Finland

There are plenty of interesting places all around Finland, here are just a couple of them which are definitely worth visiting: 1. The Saimaa canal, as its just about the closest to us, and excellently sums up the lakeviews of Finland. There are plenty of lakes, some more worth seeing [...]

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SALUT – LUT Sports

Today’s post is all about the sport facilities at LUT Campus.   SaLUT is a joint project of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology, that aims to promote and support the students’ well-being during studies. SaLUT includes a wide range of sports and prosperity services as [...]

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Student union at LUT

All the students HAVE TO BE members of the Student Union, LTKY. Students (Degree and/or Exchange) can become members once they pay the student union fee after their arrival. By becoming a LTKY member, a student can get benefits, such as free health care and so on. In addition to [...]

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Favourite course at LUT #1

Today I will talk about my favourite course at LUT. Well, During my first year studies in the university, the course that I found the most interesting was “ Advanced Process Design”[Course Code: BJ02A2041]. Well this course is one of the mandatory courses for students taking up the masters degree [...]

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City center of Lappeenranta

In Lappeenranta we have a beautiful city center, which is full of activities; the combination of opportunities for shopping, versatile cultural services, the historic old town, the harbour and lakeside nature. At the moment (2016-17) there are quite a few ongoing construction projects in Lappeenranta hence the city is being [...]

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Co-working areas around LUT

During your study time in LUT, you are most likely going to do a couple (unfortunately for me, not just a couple) group projects/assignments. So this post is going to be about the co-working places that LUT offers for students to use. LUT has a great library, with countless computers [...]

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Finland fact: Largest lake in Finland

Hi guys, another fact about Finland: The largest late in Finland is Lake Saimaa, which is 1377 square kilometers, and it just happens to be right next to our university ! [...]

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How to spend free time

Depending on the season (in some cases), there are plenty things with which you can occupy yourselves. From sports activities to nightlife. As a former professional athlete in “Track and Field” mostly I am dealing with sport activities. In the campus area there are two gyms. Another thing that I [...]

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