Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Find your favorite place to take a breath at LUT

Long days of studying when courses are running up, and we all human need to have convenient place to take rest or make a break. Not hiding my feelings, I found university facilities “extra right” for this purpose. Saturday’s post is more about pictures. I wonder who is the designer of LUT buildings and interior? Finland is associated with darkness and coldness (in my observations grey, white, black are truly to be said “national” ) but these bright colors rise the mood up and make me feel comfortable especially when the weather outside doesn’t promise any mildness.

IMG_0509 IMG_0498

This is how the lobby looks like right from the main (1st) builidng’s entrance that is just behind the banners “open your mind”. The green panel on right picture is actually a rear side of staircase to 2d floor (and unlike, for example, Germany or Austria, the ground floor in Finland is named as “first” one). Underneath there is a small corner with lights and matrasses for those who are so tired from spending the whole day at univesity or still tired from partying, or just want to sleep 🙂

IMG_0489 IMG_0377

Some places are so funny but also functional and make theirs sence of presence. Everyone can sit everywhere at any time of the day. Such green colour is used everywhere at LUT because of its Green Campus policy: Finland is for environmentally friendly politics, economy and business.

IMG_0461 IMG_0460 IMG_0451

I like these places and found them very convenient at each corner, especially that in some of these places there are computers available for everyone. Whether there is  need to search quickly for timetable or find anything in web these computers around are free for use without any login and password.

IMG_0452 IMG_0393

Blue color is also dominant background color at LUT. Why not organge or fully grey? Blue actually is Finnish color and it describes the character of Finnish people (and blue is on the flag of Finland!), it is associated with calm, “deep water” or trust color.

  IMG_0614 IMG_0406

Orange is like sunshine, it’s especially used in design of Industrial Engeneering. Perhaps, “industry” is such a cold word so that we definetely must put something warm and bright inside!

All in all, seating places in the university buildings are convenient and modern and what I like the most of them is  that they combine two greatest features: well-designed and very functional.



About The Author

Researcher at LUT, Master of Economics, LUT & GSOM Saint Petersburg State University. Focus on Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. Background in natural sciences.


  1. Veronik 27.1.2014 at 01:20

    Cool blog post with great pictures of our university! I loved it!

    • Aysulu 27.1.2014 at 12:19

      Thank you, Veronika!

  2. pavel 17.3.2014 at 14:54

    How about the spherical chair at 5th flour of business department? It’s my favourite spot in the university

    • Aysulu 18.3.2014 at 00:47

      There is another post dedicated to the story of that chair, so don’t worry, you’ll get the info in further posts. And sometimes this chair is also taken away 🙂

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