Tabby Graphene: bulk magnetic carbon

We synthesized a novel member of graphene family: decorated with zigzag interfaces, graphene plane turns into a stable uniform magnet. About 10% of carbon atoms bear spins, the rest of them participate in superexchange interactions. Read more

Manipulating magnetism in otherwise nonmagnetic materials


  • Modulation of magnetism in graphene by a gate voltage
  • Theory of resonant indirect exchange
  • Magnetic ordering of dopant spins in Ge and Si
  • Magnetism in the vicinity of metal-insulator transition
  • Magnetism in graphite induced by ion irradiation (closed direction)
  • Magnetism of graphene decorated with aromatic radicals
  • Laser controlled magnetism in hydrogenated fullerene H:C60 films
  • Light-induced superconductivity in K3C60 

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