Work performed and results

List of milestones

WP1 Synthesis of novel graphite/graphene systems
M 1.1 Technology for the synthesis of semifluorinated graphene 1 UmU / NIIC 6
M 1.2 Elaboration of the novel semifluorinated graphite/graphene systems with controlled structure and stoichiometry, 1 UmU / NIIC 18
M 1.3 Elaboration of the systems consisting of C2F with different intercalated molecules 1 CIC nanoGUNE /NIIC 24
M 1.4 Full set of protocols for the synthesis of graphene with established defects concentration. 1 UNIPR / UNSW 21
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WP2 Magnetism in the vicinity of MIT (Metal-Insulating Transition)
M 2.1 Achievement at least one series of IV-group samples meeting requirements for magnetic ordering. 2 UmU / PTI 18
M 2.2 Strategy decision on the favoured approach for realization of magnetic ordering in the vicinity of metal-insulator transition 2 UNIPR /PTI 28
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WP3 Ion-beam induced magnetic nanopatterning
M 3.1 The map of optimal dose-energy condition for hydrogen and helium ions. 3 UmU / PTI 24
M 3.2 Elaboration of graphite-based magnetic nanostructures. 3 LUT/PTI 30
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WP4 Advanced quality control
M 4.1 Description of the effects of fluorination conditions on the composition and structure of graphene-containing materials 4 CIC nanoGUNE/NIIC 30
M 4.2 Structural and magnetic quality of the fluorographite inclusion compounds 4 UNIPR/PTI 30
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WP5 Magnetic characterization
M 5.1 Identification of the types of magnetism in fluorinated samples: anti/ferro/super/magnetism, 2D magnetism. 5 UNSW/NIIC 28
M 5.2 Implementation of successful tailoring approach in production of graphite-based nanomagnetic structures 5 UmU/NIIC 24
M 5.3 Description of magnetic behaviour of transmutation doped IV group elements near the metal-insulator transition, 5 UNIPR/PTI 30
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WP6 Theory and Design
M 6.1 Calculated optimal irradiation conditions for induced magnetism in terms of energy projectiles and their energy 6 PTI/NIIC 18
M 6.2 Energy and electronic structure of graphite fluorides obtained from DFT calculations 6 UNIPR/UNSW 42
M 6.3 Estimates of the stability of carbon magnetism and suitability for spintronic applications 6 UmU/NIIC 36
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WP7 Corrective actions and Knowledge Transfer
M 7.1 Web-page is created 7 PTI 1
M 7.2 Web-page fully displays the project progress 7 UmU/PTI 48
M 7.3 Workshop and public awareness event 7 UmU 48
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