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Dear Newcomers,

During your studies at LUT, you will have the opportunity to experience new languages and to develop your communication and intercultural skills for free! The Language Centre offers a wide range of courses at different levels in the following languages:
– Finnish
– Swedish
– English
– German
– French
– Spanish
– Russian
– Chinese
according to the academic year 2015–2016. All of these courses were suitable for international students except Swedish which the language of instruction was not English.
Depending on your degree program some of the above courses may be compulsory, but If you are interested in one which is not being included in your study plan, you can choose it as an elective course. Furthermore, attendance in classes may be compulsory for some courses while there are courses that utilize distance learning. Remember that you must register for language courses through WebOodi like any other course. Registration for exams must be done separately. If you are planning to stay in Finland after graduation, do not miss Finnish courses as knowing Finnish will clearly increase your chances to find a job in Finland and make your daily life and communication with Finns easier. Last but not least, very kind and awesome teachers are waiting for you in language center!
You can find more informations by visiting the webpage:

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