City center of Lappeenranta

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In Lappeenranta we have a beautiful city center, which is full of activities; the combination of opportunities for shopping, versatile cultural services, the historic old town, the harbour and lakeside nature.

At the moment (2016-17) there are quite a few ongoing construction projects in Lappeenranta hence the city is being developed strategically. An attractive city center of Lappeenranta where people want to live, take part in the community and various activities as well as shop in Lappeenranta is something that is being constantly developed.

Lappeenranta is a vibrant, modern cradle of Karelian culture, with a strong focus on developing new and existing cultural events and activities. Located on top of a shopping centre, the new Lappeenranta City Theatre is paving the way for future theatres, and in the old town, inside the Fortress, the House of Correction exudes Karelian vitality.

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