Favourite course at LUT #1

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Today I will talk about my favourite course at LUT.

Well, During my first year studies in the university, the course that I found the most interesting was “ Advanced Process Design”[Course Code: BJ02A2041]. Well this course is one of the mandatory courses for students taking up the masters degree program in chemical and process engineering but off course it can be taken up as an elective by students from other departments as well.

These are some of the things that you could expect from the course:

-Opportunity to learn and work with advanced process simulation tools like ASPEN for carrying out process design, development and optimization.
– Complete understanding of chemical process design concepts,
– Normally Project work ( assignments ) are included as a part of the course where u might get to work in groups on process design tasks.

Overall, I would highly recommend you to take up this course if you are interested in learning about the process design and optimization aspects in the field of chemical engineering.

Here is some information about the contents of the course that I could gather from the previous year study guide. The information is not yet updated in the present study guide.

“Upon completion of the course,, the student will be able to – estimate physical and chemical properties of substances for initial design information – carry out process synthesis (determination of process structure, selection of unit operations and equipment type, arrangement of process flows, process integration) , carry out process analysis (computer-aided investigation of the operation of the selected process structure, computation of material and energy balances, simulation), optimize the process (structure and conditions)”

Finally, this 5 ECTS credit course is intended for the second period and includes lectures, exercise sessions, assignments and an exam at the end.

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