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The Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology was founded in 1969 to unite the students and promote their academic and personal welfare. There are roughly 5,000 student members. Finnish legislation requires that every university in Finland must have a student union and that every person studying in the university must be a member of the Student Union. This also applies to all international students studying in Finland for over three months.

The Student Union takes care of certain duties provided by Finnish legislation, for example issues concerning the students’ health care. It also has student representatives in university administration and other administrative bodies.

Although the Student Union seeks to promote the welfare of its student members, it also has a business function. In addition to providing services free of charge for the students at LUT, it gives financial and administrative support to over 30 clubs and societies covering a wide spectrum of recreational, cultural and religious activities. The Student Union also owns the Aalef group that runs the bookstore at the university and a student canteen in the student union building and one restaurant in the city centre.

Student Union activities are open to all the students at LUT and personal initiative is a greatly valued characteristic. The Student Union especially welcomes any idea that you as a foreign student or trainee may have to develop the Union, LUT or the student community as a whole. We continuously encourage our foreign students and trainees to present their own cultures and universities to the local students and are grateful for any positive influence you have on LUT. There are two people in the Student Union who are in charge of international affairs: the Secretary of International Affairs and the Member of the Student Board on International Affairs.

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