A typical week of studies for a Master’s student at LUT

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At LUT, the academic year is divided into four periods. Courses can last one or two periods depending on the scope of the topic. Typical Master’s level courses consist of weekly lectures, a group assignment and a test.

The lectures can be typical classroom lectures or online lectures. Most of the time, it is not mandatory to attend the lectures, and the lecture slides are posted online. However, attendance is often useful since the teachers can provide additional information about the topics and it is a lot easier to ask questions and clarifications in person.

Most of the courses are graded based on a group or individual assignment and a test. The assignments can be reports, presentations or basically anything related to the topic. In a marketing class, students might be asked to write a blog, whereas in a software engineering class, students may create a simple programme.

Lectures, practice tutorials and group work

These examples are from Iida, studying in Master’s Programme in International Marketing Management – her major is marketing and minor is software engineering:

“Below you can see my curriculum for this week. There are few lectures in marketing and Spanish, one seminar where we will present our group project and two so called practices for software engineering. The practice tutorials are voluntary sessions for those who feel like they need the teacher’s help with their assignments.

In addition, I have set up one meeting with my group for B2B marketing. We are working with a Finnish cloud service company called Visma Solutions to create a new marketing strategy for one of their products. Even though we can work on the project also on our own, it is good to meet a couple of times in person to plan and discuss before presenting our project at the end of this period.

Studies at LUT offer a lot of freedom

Studies at LUT offer a lot of freedom since many of the lectures are not mandatory. This makes it possible to have a part-time job during your studies, which is quite common amongst our Master’s students. I have been working 10 to 15 hours a week for a couple of years now, and it has given me a lot of practical knowledge to support my studies.

Freedom also means responsibility, and you have to take care of your learning yourself. I find it best to go to the university almost every day, and if I am not attending a lecture, I will work on my own at our campus library. It is easier to focus there, and as a plus, you can have a low-cost lunch in a student restaurant together with your friends.”

Is part-time working possible during Master’s studies for an international student?

According to Migri, international students have a right to work without restrictions if the work is related to their studies. Students can also work other jobs but only for 25 hours per week (part-time) on average during the academic year and work full time with no restrictions during holidays.

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