Arrival Services for Newcomers

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We are glad to see you soon on our campuses!

Now you are probably thinking about arrival details and finding out the information you need before the first day of classes. Don’t worry, there are a number of arrival services for newcomers to ensure you start your studies at LUT informed and prepared.

What to do before arrival?

Before the studies start, we highly recommend you to join our social media channels Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to get to know the campuses, university services, and already start engaging with the LUT community. All newcomers are also invited to join our Newcomers groups (Lappeenranta and Lahti) on the Facebook, where you can ask any questions about arrival and start of the studies.

The other task you should keep in mind before arrival is to regularly check your email to ensure you have the latest information and instructions from the university. Before your studies start, you will likely receive instructions about arrival, orientation week details, other helpful information about your tutor, and information about what to expect as a new member of the LUT community.

Who will help answer my questions and show me around?

As a new student, you may be moving to a completely new country, or at least a new city. To ensure you have an easier transition to student life at LUT, each student is assigned a peer tutor. A tutor is a more senior student, usually in the same or similar degree programme as you.

Tutors are chosen by the university to be a go-to resource for newcomers’ questions regarding student life, campus services, and getting to know their new city.

These tutors have gone through the same experience of being a newcomer and are eager to help with your integration to LUT. Tutors are assigned several students in the same degree programme, which make up your tutor group. The peers in your tutor group can be your first friends on campus, and usually there will be several activities planned throughout the first year of studies to meet up with the tutor group. You can also reach out to your tutor to grab a coffee, meet up for lunch, or have a chat when something is on your mind or if you have questions. Your tutor and tutor group ensure no newcomer is left behind when they start their studies at LUT. Tutors are usually assigned to newcomers in August before orientation.

What about my arrival, will I get any assistance?

All international students are asked to send their arrival information (name, mobile phone number, arrival date and time, and means of transportation) to LUT Student Services no later than three weeks before the date of arrival. You will receive an arrival information form by e-mail during the summer to provide the information needed in advance.

When you arrive in Lappeenranta, you will be met by an LUT driver who will give you your LOAS apartment key and drive you to your LOAS apartment to meet your tutor.

When you arrive in Lahti, you will be met by your tutor – a senior student in Lahti. If needed, your tutor can help you to pick up your keys for your apartment in Lahden Talot in case you arrive outside the office hours.

Students starting their studies in the Master’s programme in Kouvola will receive arrival instructions via email.

Further information about arrival on each campus can be found at eLUT.

campus busNote you need to arrange your own transportation to arrive to Lappeenranta or Lahti (depending on your study programme). LUT drivers do not pick-up students from Helsinki airport.


Is this arrival assistance for everyone?

If you plan to drive your own car on arrival, you will not be eligible for driver/key service. You also are not eligible for the driver/key service if you do not live in the student housing (LOAS or Lahden Talot). The service is offered only to students arriving from outside of Finland. Students already living within Finland collect their keys from LOAS (or Lahden Talot) and arrange their own transportation to their apartment.

If you are not eligible for the LUT driver/key service, you should contact your tutor and arrange a time to meet them on campus at a time that suits you both.

Contact LUT arrival services if you have questions, for Lappeenranta campus or for Lahti campus.

What about orientation, what can I expect?

Attendance is mandatory on the first day of orientation (either in-person or online). Students register for courses during the orientation days after their arrival at LUT, and students are provided all the important information to start their studies at LUT. There will be lots of information so bring a pen and paper along with you or your laptop to take notes.

Sessions during orientation are given on a lot of topics including introductions from your degree programme, information about study services and course registration, various student organisations, and introductions from the city and members of the student community. You will also learn all the necessary information about how to get your student ID with access to student discounts, setup your student email and technology services, and practical information about Finnish culture.

Your tutor can help you navigate the orientation schedule and also be a resource to answer questions on any topics you want to learn more about that were shared during orientation week. Tutors may not have all the answers, but they are willing to help you find the right contact person 😊

Now that you know about the arrival services for newcomers, hopefully this makes you more excited for arrival.

We can’t wait to meet you on our campuses and welcome you to LUT!

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