Cost of living in Finland as a Student

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Finland is known for its high standard of living. This means that it is not the cheapest country in the world, but it is approximately at the same cost level as other western European countries. However, it is much less expensive to live in Lappeenranta or Lahti compared to Finland’s major cities. The currency used in Finland is euro.

Usually accommodation takes up the most of one’s monthly budget. Luckily, as a student, you will be able to enjoy very inexpensive student housing. One-room apartments in Lappeenranta cost around € 400 to 600 per month, including electricity, water and internet. Home insurance can be around € 100 for half a year. The monthly rate for a typical Finnish telephone subscription with good internet is about € 20.

At LUT, you rarely have to buy books or other study materials. Most of the course materials are available either online or at the campus library. The campus also offers a six-month gym pass for only € 20. A regular gym outside of the campus could cost around € 20 to 40 per month, depending on its location, size and services.

Enjoy a € 2.60 lunch every day at campus

As a student, you can eat at the campus restaurants, where lunch costs only € 2.60. For other groceries, the amount you spend depends, of course, on what kind of food you buy. Based on student interviews, however, the typical range is around € 100 to 200 a month. You can get a cup of coffee for € 2 to 4 depending on what type of coffee you prefer, but on campus, students pay only € 0.50 for a cup of regular coffee with their lunch.

Some restaurants and shops offer student discounts

An inexpensive restaurant meal, such as a burger, pizza or pasta in a casual restaurant, costs about € 10 to 15. If you want to eat at a mid-range restaurant, the main course will most likely be around € 30 to 40. Luckily, some restaurants provide a student discount – for example, a restaurant in Lappeenranta called Avot Sie offers students with a valid student card 10% off their meal. The same applies for some recreational activities and shops.

Alcohol is pretty heavily taxed in Finland. A pint of beer costs about € 4 at a bar or about € 2 when you buy it at a store. Beverages with a 5.5% alcohol content or higher are only sold in a government-owned monopoly called Alko, so you can’t buy wine at the supermarkets. A bottle of inexpensive wine typically costs € 10 at the store and € 20 to 30 in a restaurant.

All in all, a student can get by on a small budget when living in Lappeenranta or Lahti. More detailed information on the average cost of things in Finland here.

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