Course Introduction: Big Data in Business and Industry

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The course Big Data in Business and Industry is part of the Master’s Programme in Business Analytics. The course is obligatory for students in the programme specialising in both engineering science and business administration.

First-year Master’s student Antti describes the course:

“The course Big Data in Business and Industry consisted of weekly tasks, one essay and one assignment which was done with another course participant. The purpose of the tasks was to familiarize us students with the use of different software programmes to handle, visualize, mine and process data. For example, the first task was to analyse data with software called Tableau. Analysing the data meant that we had to examine the structure of data and understand what the data consisted of. In the course essay, in turn, we had to self-reflect on our own knowledge, interests and strengths based on data science. Personally, my favourite task of the course was the course assignment in which we were given a problem and then had the freedom to decide what software to use for solving the problem.

During the course, I came to understand how software and skills I had learned earlier in my studies could be used to solve problems which exist in the real industrial world and businesses. I think it was very interesting to see what we can do with the data concretely, and it has motivated me a lot also in my other studies!

The most interesting part of the course was an innovative assignment which was a real-life example. Our assignment was to create a prediction system for process stoppages based on data given by the system.”

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