How to get to Lahti campus from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport?

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How to get to Lahti campus from Helsinki-Vantaa airport?


LUT University’s brand new campus is in Lahti – Finland’s 6th largest city. Lahti is located approximately 100km from Helsinki.

Many international students travel to Finland by flying and land at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Helsinki itself and the airport are vast. I was told that many students get lost on their first day in Finland. So I hope this little guide may make your journey to Lahti a bit less stressful.

When you travel to Finland by plane, your arrivial will likely be in Terminal 2, either exit 2B or 2A. We will start at exit 2B as exit 2A is located down along the way.


After you go through the door at exit 2B, you will see Alepa (a grocery store), a currency exchange and an Otto ATM on your left.

And on your right, there’s an exit to the buses. I personally recommend you to take the train as it is quick and convenient; therefore, I will not cover the buses in this guide.

Keep going straight on and you will see a convenience store named R-kioski. Here you can buy a Finnish sim card among other things. Exit 2A is right next to the R-kioski, by the escalator.

Just opposite exit 2A is another escalator going downstairs to the taxis, just for your information.

Continue along the hallway, you can follow the sign for the train. Simply turn right when you see a big illuminated LED train sign, go down the escalator and you’re at the airport train station!

If you might also arrive at Terminal 1, which is easier to navigate. When you get out of baggage collection, just follow the big train sign. You will see the elevators down to the train station along the hallway.

Now, you’re at the airport train station. You can buy tickets from HSL (blue machine) to explore Helsinki. If you want to go to Lahti, buy the Helsinki Airport – Lahti from VR (green machine). You can also buy the ticket in advance from VR’s website:

The commuter train Z makes frequent trip between Helsinki and Lahti. There are also InterCity and Pendolino. Whichever you choose, you still need to transfer at Tikkurila. The VR ticket to Lahti includes the journey on commuter train P from the airport to Tikkurila operated by HSL.

After about an hour sitting on the train, you have made it to Lahti! Congrats! Now just head outside the train station and either call a taxi or get on the bus 1K/1S to go to Lahti campus!

If the guide is too confusing, check out this video: How to Get from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to Helsinki City EASILY! – YouTube.




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