LBM’s much-applauded sense of community stems from doing things together

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Students starting their Master’s studies in business are welcomed with open arms. It’s always worthwhile to attend events and meet new people, says marketing student Titta.

The air is thick with excitement. The teams are on the edge of their seats, giving their assignments their all. Who will build the highest tower out of uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows? The techniques vary, but one construction towers over the others. It reaches towards the skies, whereas the others attain much lower heights. The winner is evident!

The competition is part of the entertainment at the welcome party for Master’s students in the International Marketing Management (MIMM) programme of the LUT School of Business and Management (LBM). The gathering takes place at LUT University’s lakeside sauna and targets especially new Master’s students, but any MIMM students are welcome.

”The idea is for students to get to know each other. We do lots of group assignments in our studies, and that’s why we have team activities here as well,” explains Professor Olli Kuivalainen, MIMM Programme Director.

The students and staff of MIMM have a good mutual rapport. Team-building takes place through everyday activities as well as special events.

”We want our students to know each other. In addition, it’s important for the staff to know the students.”

Consequently, the invitation to the get-together at the lakeside sauna was also extended to teachers.

Two people building a tower with spagetti and a marshmallow.

New students are warmly welcomed

The LUT School of Business and Management has a provenly exceptional community spirit. According to the latest survey by the Finnish Business School Graduates, LBM’s graduates rate the atmosphere in the school higher than other business school graduates rate their alma maters.

The orientation week welcomes new students to the Master’s Programme in Business Administration. Head of Degree Programme Hanna Salojärvi relates that the LUT School of Business and Management has purposely invested in creating an enjoyable atmosphere for studies: “We explain who we are and what we do here. No one has to be alone unless they choose to.”

During the first week, all Master’s students in business are invited to a get-together where they can mingle and meet staff members.

”It’s an informal social event with some bubbly and a bite to eat,” Salojärvi says.

New students of the LUT School of Business and Management quickly learn what the famous Skinnarila spirit on campus means.

”To put it simple terms, it means that everyone helps everyone and no one is left alone.”

Field trip to Helsinki

The school’s Master’s programmes arrange activities for their students. For instance, MIMM students made a field trip to the capital city Helsinki, where they visited the marketing company Avaus and game developer Rovio.

In addition, the school holds social gatherings for all business students collectively.

”For example, before Christmas we treat our students and staff to glögi, a traditional hot seasonal beverage,” Salojärvi mentions.

“Always say yes to get-togethers”

New Master’s students feel they have been welcomed into the community with open arms.

”I came here because I was interested in sustainable development. I’m very taken by how warmly we’ve been received. We have no trouble getting help with practical issues,” says US native Thomas.

Different social events are important to students.

”I came here today because it’s a good way to meet new people. Always say yes to get-togethers and meeting people,” encourages MIMM student Titta.

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