LUT Bachelor’s programmes in English

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LUT University offers five high-quality Bachelor’s programmes in English which respond to the need for creating innovative solutions to future challenges of the modern world.

The duration of each programme is three years, covering 180 ECTS credits, and after completing the programme, you will be a Bachelor of Science in Technology, B.Sc. (Tech.). A place in one of LUT’s Bachelor’s programmes also gives you an automatic right to continue your studies in LUT’s Master’s programmes in a field equivalent to your previous Bachelor’s studies.

The programmes are listed below, and by clicking the name of programme, you will be led straight to our website to learn more. Moreover, if you have been wondering what it is like to study at LUT or live in Finland, feel free to ask our student ambassadors to hear their experiences!

LUT Bachelor’s Programmes in English

The programmes are arranged on LUT’s campus either in Lappeenranta or Lahti. In addition, four of the programmes – Electrical Engineering, Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Software and Systems Engineering – are carried out in cooperation with LUT’s partner university in China, Hebei University of Technology (double degree programmes).

Student’s stories

Picture of Yuriy, a first-year student in Technology and Engineering Science programme at LUT.

Yuriy Bokovoy, Bachelor’s student, Belarus/Finland

“I am Yuriy, a first-year student in the Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science at LUT. I originally come from Belarus, but I have lived in Finland over ten years, so I have graduated from a Finnish high school. I applied for the Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science and ended up accepting my place in it, as studying sciences in English seemed more suitable for me than in Finnish.

My studies have proceeded according to my expectations so far – enjoyable but challenging enough. My message to future applicants would be that you shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things or going to new places, as the student community here has been very welcoming and supportive, and that this is definitely a place where you can get all the help you need to comfortably study and learn new things.”

Picture of Ka, a first-year student in Technology and Engineering Science programme at LUT.

Ka Bui, Bachelor’s student, Hong Kong

“I am Ka, a first-year student in the Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science at LUT, and I am from Hong Kong. Before my studies at LUT, I studied at a community college in the US to get my Associate degree in science.

I decided to apply to LUT’s Bachelor’s programme because I wanted to try the education in a different country – specifically in Finland because they have the best education system in the world. LUT supports its students in doing their work, so I have been able to continue doing my independent inventions and projects.

To be honest, it hasn’t always been easy to study online under this pandemic, but LUT’s professors and staff have helped me out with all my study problems. I have had a great time studying online! And my greetings to everyone: be curious, have fun and be safe.”

The application period for Bachelor’s studies in English is 7 – 20 January 2021. More information about applying to LUT Bachelor’s programmes is available on our website.

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