LUT University campus cities: Lahti

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Lahti is a city of approximately 120 000 residents and 10 000 students. It is a city of beautiful nature, exciting sporting events, vibrant culture and excellent leisure facilities. Lahti is located in the southern part of Finland, and it is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. It only takes about 1 hour to get to the nation’s capital or the airport by train.

This city is known for its sports venues and is appreciated around the world for its design expertise and high-quality cultural services. The expertise in the Lahti region is based on creative, cross-industry development where companies work in close co-operation with academic, research and development organisations.

In Lahti, you can experience both vibrant urban life and nature’s tranquility. It offers the best of both worlds: the attractiveness, intimate cosines and originality of a small town, yet the services, efficiency and logistics of a major city. For students, Lahti is a relatively inexpensive place to live with student housing and student discounts in many of the shops and restaurants.

During sunny spring and summer days, you can enjoy an ice cream at the beautiful harbour or have a picnic at one of the city’s green parks. In the winter, you can experience the joy of winter sports and cheer for the athletes at the international Lahti Ski Games.

The campus is located in the district of Niemi, three kilometres from the Lahti city centre and 500 metres from the Niemi Harbour. Lahti is a bike friendly city with short distances, making it very easy and inexpensive for students to get around.

The city of Lahti is committed make bold choices to promote smooth everyday life, well-being and entrepreneurship. Lahti is also the first Finnish city to be appointed as the European Green Capital for the year 2021, and the city has committed to carbon-neutrality by 2025.

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