LUT MOOC: A Public Global Learning Opportunity

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MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is available for anyone to access, no matter their education, background, geography, or financial status. MOOCs are often free and open to the public. They may have a target audience, but they are available to anyone who is interested to participate.

MOOC – A Global Initiative

MOOCs provide an opportunity to open up the classroom and share quality education opportunities with a wider audience in a free online environment. MOOCs are available for current students, alumni, jobseekers, professionals, retirees, etc. MOOCs offered on other platforms may have a bit different structure, and there could be some costs for additional support or certification during a course. However, LUT MOOCs are completely free and accessible to anyone.

What is LUT MOOC?

LUT MOOC is the new learning environment where LUT hosts MOOCs. The first LUT MOOC was published in August 2020 entitled “Climate Action – Solutions for Carbon Neutral Transport.”

Available LUT MOOC Courses

The first published MOOC “Climate Action – Solutions for Carbon Neutral Transport” is a solution-focused course that deals with the pursuit of carbon neutral transport and is worth 2 ECTS credits. The course topic is approached through three themes: climate change, United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), and energy systems.

lut mooc sustainability

The course is held in English, and it can be completed independently at any time according to each participant’s own schedule. The ECTS credits from the course can also be included in LUT degrees. The recommended education level for the course is high school, but participants can join the course with other educational backgrounds.

Students who complete all sections of the course with a passing grade with receive a certificate of completion.

Available for anyone around the world (including current or newcomer LUT students)

If you are curious about climate and sustainability actions, this course is right for you. It is a great introduction to some of the present issues being researched by LUT students, researchers, and faculty.

Additional MOOC offerings will be published during the 2021/2022 academic year and can be found on the LUT MOOC page once available.

Other Resources

Other universities in Finland and around the world offer MOOCs too. You can check if there are additional learning opportunities on other subjects by searching online or inquiring with another institution.

Another good resource for interested learners who live in Finland is FiTech which offers free courses (primarily in technology subjects) both for students and professionals living in Finland. Their MOOC offering can be found here.

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