Orientation week 2019 at LUT University

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LUT’s orientation week for new students starting their studies in Autumn, will start on 27th of August. Here is some general information regarding the orientation week and your tutors.

For all the new students beginning their studies in LUT a joint orientation will be organized just before the beginning of the actual subject studies. Participating in the orientation is definitely worth it, as it is a good way to ensure a smooth start for the studies.

Important information about the beginning of the studies, the university as a community, student community, the support services and the study location, Lappeenranta, will be offered during the orientation. International students also receive basic information about the Finnish society, culture and life in Finland.

The orientation will be organized both in Autumn and in January during the previous week before the start of the actual subject studies. From the Uni-website you can find the general orientation programme for Master’s Degree students in International programmes and for Exchange Students. All the study programmes will have their own more detailed version of the orientation programme that they will publish during August.

The orientation for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students in International programmes and for Exchange Students starts on Tuesday 27th of August. At the same time LUT will organize orientation week for new Bachelor’s degree students and Master’s degree students in Finnish programmes. The Bachelor students will start their orientation on Monday 27th and the Master’s students in Finnish programmes will start on Thursday 29th.

If you are already in Lappeenranta on Monday 26th, before the orientation you can come to the campus and pay your Student Union fee, get your LUT Attendance Certificate and your LUT username & password already before the orientation programme. You can do this in the Student Union Building lobby. The Service hours on Monday are from 8.30 am to 17pm. You can also do this later that week. Your tutor should be able to help you with this.

Participation to the orientation takes place under the guidance of you peer tutor. All the new students are assign to a tutor, who is trained to help the newcomer to integrate to LUT. Usually the tutors have tutor groups with 4-8 tutees in it. All the tutors will contact their tutees during August before the orientation.

During the orientation week and the week after that (2.-6.9.), there will also be lot of free time activities organized by the Student Union (LTKY). You can find the Student Unions free time activity progamme on their website.

If you have any questions about the orientation week or your tutor (or any complaints about your tutor), you can always contact LUT’s Tutoring secretary via email (tuutorointisihteeri@lut.fi) or in Facebook, where you can find her by the name Tuutorointisihteeri Lut.

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