Student ambassador’s blog: Learning Finnish part 2 – How do I learn Finnish?

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In the blog Learning Finnish part 1, I wrote about why it is important to learn Finnish. Now I will present some tips on learning the language.


Once you receive your acceptance from LUT, I recommend that you begin studying Finnish right away. This way you know the basics and are more confident beginning a class (even though no prior knowledge is necessary). There are many free resources available online, ranging from mobile applications to audio lessons.

See an extensive list here.


LUT offers Finnish 1 – 4, Finnish Culture and Language, and Finnish for Working Life. Some programs require you to take one language class or more, and others do not have a requirement. Even if you do not have to take Finnish, I recommend it anyway. These classes are a good introduction to the language. To learn even more, you can take advanced classes through Lappeenranta’s adult education centre.


Since you can only learn so much in a class that is only a few times a week for a few hours, you can enhance your learning by actually speaking to others in Finnish. This could be to Finnish friends, your local family, and at stores. Finns are usually pretty willing to speak to you in Finnish, especially if you tell them that you want to practice. Additionally, the city centre library has a conversation group every 2 weeks where you can practice your skills with other eager learners.

Hyvää onnea! (Good luck!)

The blog is written by Jordan, a Master’s student in Master’s programme in Bioenergy Systems at LUT University who’s from St. Louis, USA.

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