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This post is about different types of student jobs available on campus to help students out with a little bit of pocket money. This post will focus on job opportunities that are also suitable for non-Finnish language speakers.

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are recruited in the Spring semester, and those that are selected start some training in late Spring and Summer to prepare for the newcomers’ arrival in Fall. Students also take a 3-credit course for Tutoring that can count as elective credits.

Peer tutors are needed in the Spring semester also for programs that start in that term and for exchange students that arrive in Spring. Usually, tutors in the Spring are selected from the tutors who have already completed the tutor training course, but it may be possible to attend the training in Spring and begin working as a tutor in the same semester if there are not enough “trained” tutors. The university advertises the “call for tutor applications” on the Uni portal.

Junior Research Assistant

If you are interested in conducting research, you can apply to a part-job (or summer) role working in your department as a junior research assistant. Usually the departments post job openings for the Summer and ongoing throughout the semester whenLab photo they need someone to join their team or project. It may even be possible to find an assistant role in a project that can also be the basis for your thesis. Ask the professors in your program for more information, and whether they foresee any opportunities that match your strengths. Some positions may require Finnish language skills, for example, if the role involves interviewing Finnish organizations, but it depends on the research project. The job posting should clearly state the language requirements. You can check also the available positions here.

Exam Invigilator

Students can apply to be exam moderators or invigilators. The role requires ensuring students keep their eyes on their own paper and only use the allowed tools. Invigilators also have to communicate the rules to the students and answer questions about the exam process. Students who are comfortable public speaking and staying organized are best suited for this role. Exam times can vary and students have to be willing to work occasionally during the evenings. The Uni portal is the best place to see these job postings.

LUT Assistant

Different departments may require assistance throughout the year for some small tasks, and you can apply to be notified of these types of roles here.

Assist with career fairs, special events, or programs around campus

During the career fairs, such as DuuniDay, there may be special opportunities for students to assist with setting up the event or coordinating activities. AdditionJob Fairally, some student organizations may also have special programs where they may have the funds to hire a student for a few months and compensate them for managing a program or event. Keep an eye out for posters advertised around campus.


Assist the Marketing or Communications team

Every year the university seeks “LUT models” to be used in different communication materials and students are usually compensated for their time. You can also apply to assist the Marketing team as a Student Ambassador and offer your time to chat with prospective LUT students. These types of jobs are usually posted on the Uni portal and also highlighted on the announcement screens throughout LUT’s campus when the university is recruiting.

Find an internship or part-time job in your field

Attend job fairs, network, and apply for open opportunities on online job portals. Some jobs may requireJob Fair physical presence in the company’s office, but some may also be open to working with you remotely if the job is in another city. Check for open jobs posted for LUT students here (university login required).


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