Studying at LUT: What will that cost me?

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Studying at LUT: What will that cost me?

In this post we will go into the cost of living and studying in Finland.

Compared to other western and northern European countries, studying in Finland will cost you about the same, but if you’re from somewhere else, things might seem expensive to you. Fortunately, Lappeenranta and Lahti aren’t the most expensive Finnish cities to live in, mostly because the rents are lower than in places like Helsinki. Wherever you’re from, it’s a good idea to look into costs.

General prices

Students are entitled to inexpensive student housing

Accommodation usually takes up most of your budget. Luckily, students are entitled to inexpensive student housing. In Lappeenranta, student housing is provided by LOAS and in Lahti, student housing is provided by Lahden Talot.

Other fixed charges would be home insurance, which can be around € 10 per month and a phone subscription. If you use mobile data regularly, a subscription will be cheaper than prepaid. Most Finnish phone subscriptions include unlimited data and are priced around € 20 a month and up. If you don’t need unlimited data, moi (website in finnish) offers a subscription that includes 6 Gb of data a month for only € 9.

Another significant part of your expenses will be food and other groceries. At the university campus, you can get a warm lunch for € 2.70. Students pay only € 0.50 for a cup of coffee with their lunch and at the TEK lounge, TEK members get free coffee and tea. TEK Student membership is free. All food and groceries together will cost you about € 150 a month, though this amount will vary greatly depending on your habits. Clothing will cost you another € 100 a month, with the cold Finnish winters good clothing is very important.

you can get a half year pass to the university gym for €25

A 30-day student bus pass for the city of Lappeenranta will cost you € 42, one way student value tickets are € 1.60. If you use a bike often you’ll spend less, but cycling might not be an option in winter. Speaking of exercise, a gym pass for the university gym only costs € 25 for half a year.

At LUT, students rarely have to buy books. Most of the time, all study content is available through provided study materials and otherwise you can find most books in the LUT academic libraries. If you don’t have to pay a tuition fee, the only mandatory fees are the student union fee, which was € 74 for academic year 2021-2022, and the student healthcare services (FSHS) fee, which was € 35.80 per term, € 71.60 for the whole year in 2021.

All students are entitled to a Frank card which will give you discounts in a lot of different shops. The digital frank card is free, you can also buy a physical card.

Tuition fees & health insurance

If you are a citizen from the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you won’t need to pay a tuition fee. If you’re from another country however, you do need to pay tuition fee.

More information about tuition for bachelor’s studies can be found here and more information about tuition for master’s studies can be found here.

Scholarships are available to students required to pay full tuition

Another cost international students should consider is the cost of health insurance. Non-EU/EEA citizens will need a residence permit to be able to reside in Finland. One of the requirements for a residence permit is health insurance. The most basic health insurance will cost you about € 200 a year, such insurance will not cover accidents during high risk sports. Health insurance plans with the best coverage might be up to € 700 a year.




This blog is written by LUT studend ambassador from the Netherlands Yannick.

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