What can an international student study at LUT?

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LUT University offers a wide range of high-quality degree programmes in both technology and business which are taught in English. We have more than 80 nationalities represented at our university, and during your studies, you have a great opportunity to interact with people from different cultures. After your studies at LUT, you will be an expert in your own field and able to work fluently in an international environment and organizations.

At LUT, you can study for a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a doctorate. If you are still thinking about which programme to choose, you can also come to study for a shorter period. In LUT’s winter and summer schools, students from all over the world have a chance to become familiar with our courses and stay in Finland for two to eight weeks. In addition, we welcome more than 200 exchange students every year at LUT, and you can choose whether to come for the full academic year or for one semester.


At LUT University, you can choose from a total of five technology Bachelor’s programmes in English: four double degree programmes and one regular degree programme:

Double degree programmes are arranged in cooperation with Hebei University of Technology, China. However, the entire degree is completed in Finland. Students accepted into double degree programmes will receive two degree certificates after they have fulfilled the degree requirements of both universities.

The duration of each Bachelor’s programme is three years, amounting to 180 ECTS credits and leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology, B.Sc. (Tech.), in the field in question. Students selected to the Bachelor’s programmes have an automatic right to continue their studies at the Master’s level and thus complete a Master of Science degree in their field at LUT.

The tuition fee for students from outside the EU/EEA countries is EUR 9 500/year in the Bachelor’s Programme in Technology and Engineering Science, and EUR 9 000/year in all double degree programmes. You can apply to Bachelor’s programmes at studyinfo.fi.

Read more: lut.fi/bachelors


At the Master’s level, we offer programmes in the fields of technology and business.  Each programme is 120 ECTS credits (2 years) and after completing the programme, you will earn a Master’s degree in either technology, M.Sc. (Tech.), or business administration, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.). In each programme, you will graduate within two academic years with a unique skill set that meets the demands of industry and business.

The tuition fee for students from outside the EU/EEA countries is EUR 10 000/year in each programme. You can apply to Master’s programmes at studyinfo.fi. 

You can choose a Master’s programme from the following disciplines:

Read more: lut.fi/masters


Our doctoral studies cover all of LUT’s fields of science. The duration of doctoral studies is four years, including 40 ECTS credits and a dissertation. After completing the programme, you will become a Doctor of Science (Technology), Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) or Doctor of Philosophy.

From this blog, you can find more information on possibilities to continue your studies at LUT as a doctoral student. However, you don’t have to be an LUT student to be able to apply to doctoral studies. You can also first apply for open positions at LUT (junior researcher, project researcher) and then apply separately for a doctoral study right to gain a doctoral student status in addition to your status as an employee.


Read more: lut.fi/doctoralstudies

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