What makes the LUT School of Business and Management unique, Dean Sami Saarenketo?

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The LUT School of Business and Management offers award-winning, high-level education and research to anyone interested in sustainable business. In this article, Dean Sami Saarenketo answers questions about what studying at the LUT School of Business and Management is like. “The school’s close-knit community is one-of-a-kind,” outlines Saarenketo.

What makes the LUT School of Business and Management unique, Dean Sami Saarenketo?

”Sustainable business and entrepreneurship is the starting point for everything we do. Research on sustainable business is a worldwide megatrend, but we are the only business school in Finland that is located in a university of technology. We have a unique opportunity to produce experts who also understand technology and are used to collaborating with engineers.”

Dean Sami Saarenketo

What is of prime importance in education at the LUT School of Business and Management?

”We want to employ versatile, meaningful and student-centred teaching methods. The focus is not on what the teacher says or does but on how the students could best assimilate the topic at hand. Courses include a great deal of assignments, group work, projects and visits. Assignments may, for example, involve solving a real-life problem of a real-life company, which is a win-win situation for both students and businesses. We have tried to distance ourselves from mere lectures and literature exams.”

What are the special strengths of the LUT School of Business and Management?

”We frequently receive praise on our community spirit. The latest survey by the Finnish Business School Graduates indicates that the student atmosphere at the LUT School of Business and Management tops that of other Finnish business schools. Our staff is approachable, students always get help, and our student association is very active. Moreover, there is no internal competition, because unlike larger universities, we have imposed no special student quotas in our major subjects. In addition, our research is of a high standard. Times Higher Education recently ranked us among the world’s top 200 business schools.”

What is life like on the campuses in Lappeenranta and Lahti?

”Inspiring. In addition to studies, students have a wide range of recreational activities to choose from. When I was a student, playing in a band was one of the most important things in my life. Students are required to display self-determination, to take responsibility and to work hard. On the other hand, they get an inspiring study environment, make friends with fellow students and learn new things. You can’t put a price on that.”

What themes should business students take an interest in right now?

”Responsibility and responsible supply chains are an important topic. Business analytics is also a field where employers are quick to snatch up graduates. Data processing and understanding its possibilities is hard currency now and will be in the future.”

Why should a business student also take technology studies?

”Expertise combining business and technology is in high demand. Business graduates are often employed by large technology companies. Understanding technology is largely required. Technology is so embedded in our everyday lives that we are not always aware of all of the aspects it is connected to.”

What does the LUT School of Business offer international students?

”We offer topical education in a vibrant environment. Our modern Lappeenranta campus is close to nature but easily accessible. Our sense of community is strong, and the campus offers a range of activities. The student associations and clubs are active. Our campus is international, encompassing 80 nationalities. We strive to make our international students feel welcome from the moment they arrive. We frequently receive positive feedback on our absence of hierarchy and on how easy it is for our students to get help and approach the faculty.”

What makes you happy in your daily work?

”I find joy in both bigger and smaller things. The recent Times Higher Education ranking, where we are among the world’s top 200 business schools, warms my heart on a daily basis. Also the people in our school make me happy every day. We have the best possible students and staff.”

Facts: The LUT School of Business and Management

The LUT School of Business and Management provides students interested in international business, economic processes and the movement of money the opportunity to blossom into responsible decision-makers.

LUT’s campuses are located in Lappeenranta and Lahti. Lappeenranta hosts all of the university’s Bachelor’s programmes and a majority of its Master’s programmes. Students can complete business studies in one Bachelor’s programme with five specialisations, and in seven Master’s programmes.
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The Lappeenranta campus is green and modern, offering student excellent facilities for sports and other leisure activities. Our student atmosphere is award-winning. Read more about studies in Lappeenranta.

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