Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Announcement of posts

Here is a new schedule of the blog and announcement of following topics!

Topics for the November 2014

I usually make posts every week but these days are so hectic with my thesis writing.  Being a student of two schools LUT and GSOM, which are recognized as ones of the best schools in the world by the World University Rankings and Financial Times respectively, is big responsibility for me. Now I’m on an intensive way to finish my thesis writing, so my next posts I will schedule approximately after the end of October because the final date for me is yet unknown but I will keep in touch with my dear readers anyway =) Meanwhile enjoy the spirit of the autumn in Finland!



15348115342_5854c64104_zRed berries. They are still bitter.

The list of future posts

1. Thesis writing and what I’ve learned: motivation, lessons, structure

2. Dealing with big projects and the way of thinking

3. Landing a job in Finland

About The Author

Researcher at LUT, Master of Economics, LUT & GSOM Saint Petersburg State University. Focus on Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. Background in natural sciences.

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