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Can you combine education and what your Soul wants?

Education choice For many of us, life is a street with one-way traffic: We go to school, then to a university, we find a degree-relevant position, and work until pension. In so doing, education and work don’t necessarily bring us [...]

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My supervisor is the professor-2018

My first scientific supervisor professor Karl-Erik Michelsen received a title of the professor of the year in Finland in the beginning of this year. I’m very happy for that and I’m proud to be his doctoral student. When I was [...]

03.13.2018 Studying

Haven’t heard in a while…

Hello dear readers! Perhaps, as you have noticed this blog has not been updated since last summer. It is true – I have been working as a project researcher, studying as a PhD student and at the same time I [...]

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The Funky Finland

Finnish design is funky, isn’t it? [...]

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Transformation of the modern society

A nice construction. It’s located in Mustola, Finland. It reminds me of a set of lectures in the Transformation of Modern Society, in which we’ve been shown that future houses will be like this. The lecture was held by the [...]

06.30.2017 General

Fantastic Sky: Aurora Borealis, the Sun Eclipse, Halo and Supermoon

One of the Finnish natural beauties is Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights. Throughout the winter you can observe them in Lapland, behind the Arctic circle and rarely in Southern parts of Finland like South Carelia and Lappeenranta. [...]

06.25.2017 General

Finnish Street Animals

Finland has a strong animal protection system. Even though there are many homeless cats (I’m not sure about dogs but maybe too!), you won’t see them on the streets. Homeless animals are kept in foster homes until a new owner is [...]

06.21.2017 Finnish Nature, General

Finnish Family Values

Home is a holy place.  [...]

03.27.2017 Culture

Top 10 Must Know Things About Finland

When I ask my Finnish friends to tell about national identities and explain local customs, they told: “Well, Finland is just a country, there is not much to tell about it”. I’ve been living in Finland for 3½ years, and I [...]

02.28.2017 Culture, General

Facebook for students

Where else than in a Finnish university can you really feel the necessity to use your smartphone 24 hours a day, react to Facebook messages immediately (that became the fastest way to communicate) and join tens of groups for various [...]

02.06.2017 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services

LUT Entrepreneurship Society

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot. I believe that entrepreneurship is a skill and not only a talent. It requires a lot of effort to learn the business and to own it. Finnish universities have their own entrepreneurship societies where [...]

01.14.2017 Events, Student services, Work

Where To Learn Finnish Language

Why study Finnish language? Finnish is spoken only in Finland but it’s a mistake to underestimate its importance. If you want to live in Finland permanently or want to survive in basic everyday life, then you need to know the [...]

01.06.2017 General, Studying

Something Everyone Should Do: Learn Languages!

I admire learning languages. It makes life easier, more interesting and meaningful. It’s such a wonderful feeling to feel comfortable with using local language when travelling and you will never get lost anywhere. I have advanced skills in both English [...]

12.21.2016 Culture, General, Studying

Clubs In Finland

In this post I would like to write about Finnish clubs and societies where you can spend your free time and practice hobbies in arts or sport. It is usual in Finland that people have some activities in their free [...]

12.13.2016 Culture, General, Sport

The Independence Day

(Finland emojis; here) Finland and Kazakhstan have something in common: Both countries celebrate the Day of Independence in December. Finland’s Independence Day is on 6th and Kazakhstan’s Independence Day is on 16th of December. Finland got its independency from Russia in [...]

12.04.2016 Culture, Events

Choir singing and life

Life must be diverse. Then luck will feel the best even if something was to happen. What’s happening with me right now – busy with the research project and lots of questions in my mind about how my dissertation will [...]

11.23.2016 Culture

Studying through the Open University

Education is key to success. Every day many people face challenges and make decisions to study further and upgrade their knowledge. Yet getting a study place is not easy, and everyone faces challenges when applying for a study right. In [...]

11.16.2016 Culture

PhD and Research

Doing research in business is so fascinating and interesting. So, in this post I would like to share little info about my research area. [...]

10.31.2016 Studying, Work

Beautiful and dangerous forest mushrooms

The traditional Finnish cuisine includes different mushroom sauces. Picking mushrooms in autumn is a nice recreational activity for many Finnish people (and for me too). But not all forest mushrooms are edible. Maybe they are created by the Nature for the purpose [...]

10.10.2016 General

Badges and overalls

An unofficial dress code for students in Finland [...]

09.30.2016 Culture, General

Wedding in Finland

Traditions vs. stereotypes – peaceful and calm wedding or a lot of alcohol and fun? [...]

09.20.2016 Culture

Night festivals in the campus

Every autumn there are number of events and festivals dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year. This is the Saimaa sunset festival from last year: live music, live bands, night show and after-party in the student union building. Every year [...]

09.10.2016 Culture, Events

Academic adventure

As the new academic year approaches us, I’d like to show more about how the studying year actually starts in our faculty. And it starts awesomely right tomorrow, the first day of September! Why Academic Adventure? There is an orientation week [...]

08.31.2016 Culture, Events, Student services

Beach party – let’s celebrate the start of a new academic year!

Every year LUT prepares amazing social events for newcomers. The academic year begins from opening ceremony where the university rector gives speech and welcomes new students. This year it it starts on 5th of September. The student life in Lappeenranta [...]

08.25.2016 Culture, Events, General

Biking in Lappeenranta

In Finland you can bike whenever and wherever you want – between cities, to work, to study, and to just enjoy. There are many biking opportunities. Of course biking also depends on the weather but many Finns do bike all [...]

08.16.2016 Ergonomics and facilities, General

Travelling to Finnish cities

Travelling in Finland is great in summer. In July-August there are many discounts for usually expensive train trips and one can go somewhere for 5 euro. It is especially great opportunity because Finnish cities are situated far from each other. [...]

07.31.2016 Culture, General

Finnish Summer and Midsummer

Finnish summer is cold with rare warm days. Although the sun may shine brightly and nights are bright, wide lakes seem to be so tempting to jump in and swim, but the wind is cold and water is freezing, the [...]

07.03.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature

Graduating university in Finland and abroad

When the Master’s thesis is almost done and you have gained required amount of credits, you are almost ready to graduate. What’s next? [...]

06.22.2016 Events, Studying

High School Graduation Party – Ylioppilasjuhlat

White hats – that’s what Finnish high school graduates and university students wear in respect to their obtained high school diplomas and having completed most of their university applications. [...]

06.13.2016 Culture, Events, Studying

Public Defense of Master’s Thesis

In Finland you don’t need to defend your thesis publicly when graduating Bachelor and Master programmes. [...]

06.03.2016 Studying

Model Work & Fashion by Day in Lappeenranta

Modelling is a nice and exciting hobby for me. In Finland I’ve got contacts with Fashion Model Agency and this spring I participated in the Fashion by Day -event in Lappeenranta: Vero Moda dress, spring 2016 It’s the first time I’ve worked as [...]

05.25.2016 General

The Art of Peace and Love – Aikido

The day I arrived to Finland was like a new chapter in the book called “Aisulu’s Life”. Two months before that day was an ending of the previous chapter. At that time my life already had interesting, long and finished chapters: [...]

05.11.2016 Culture, General, Sport

Vappu, the May Day Celebration

For me Vappu is a traditional picnic in the city fortress on 1st of May and visiting a cozy home-furnished cafe there. This year it has been also a new experience of performing in the Vappu concert in a choir. [...]

05.01.2016 Culture

Classical music concerts in Finland

I’ve got a chance to meet maestro Sasha Mäkilä, internationally well-known Finnish conductor, and visit his concerts twice. Our meeting happened last year when Sasha came to our aikido club in Lappeenranta for a training. [...]

04.22.2016 Culture, General

Hiking in Finnish National Parks

I’m impressed by the Finnish nature. I love walking there, visiting different places and watching the sceneries.  [...]

04.10.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature, Sport

Finnish Easter and Kazakh New Year Nauryz

  This month we have celebrated two important cultural holidays – Kazakh Nauryz, the beginning of a New Year and Finnish Easter, historically the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both holidays are important in our family since my husband and I [...]

03.31.2016 Culture, General

The Unforgettable Lapland

Meeting husky dogs and experiencing dog sledges in Lapland is unforgettable. This is something I’m eager to do next winter. These dogs are so cute, kind, smart, and fast! [...]

03.20.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature, General, Student services

Sporting Activities for Students

This topic is about sporting events organized by student clubs.  [...]

03.10.2016 Uncategorized

Sport Facilities for Students

I’m totally sure that attending sport activities is a key to a fulfilled and healthy life, especially when we have to do a lot of intellectual work. Attending sport lessons regularly brings a lot of joy because at these lessons we have [...]

02.28.2016 General, Sport

Business English for Finnish Students

This post is linked to the previous post about English in Finnish Higher Education. I would like to share how Finnish students learn English. I’ve attended a lesson of Business English course taught for Finnish students. It’s quite a secret why Finnish students are [...]

02.21.2016 Studying

English in Finnish Higher Education

I would like to share in this post features of higher level education programs in Finland taught in English. [...]

01.30.2016 Culture, Studying

Students Guilds: Mechanical Engineering Students

Exploring university buildings from the inside is a useful and adventurous thing! You can find a lot of interesting yet unexpected places. For example, students’ guilds’ rooms. I think they are solely Finnish creation. I haven’t ever seen anything like [...]

01.19.2016 Culture, General, Studying

Finnish Winter Holidays: How Has it Been?

Hurray! Winter holidays are gone and officially this week schools and universities in Finland start working. I would like to tell about two main events: Christmas and New Year. [...]

01.12.2016 Events, General, Uncategorized

Psychological and Urgent Help for Students

How do you cope with stress? [...]

12.10.2015 General, Student services, Studying

Going To Exchange From Finland

Did you know that even if you come to Finland from another country to study full time you can travel for an exchange abroad? [...]

12.06.2015 Student services, Studying

Nenäpäivä or the Nose Day

The Nose Day or Nenäpäivä is a global charity event which raises funds to help people in developing countries, especially children in difficult conditions. In Finland it has been organized since 2007. [...]

11.30.2015 Culture, Events, General, Studying

SLUSH 2015

Lots of energy and drive. Awesome speeches and start up pitches.  Here and now in the heart of the IT business. It’s all about Slush, one of the biggest start up conferences in the Nordic countries. [...]

11.17.2015 Events, Work

Halloween in Finland

How people celebrate Halloween in Finland…? [...]

11.01.2015 Events, General

Student apartment interior

Just moved to Finland? It’s important to feel like home when far from home. A student apartment will be your home for the next few months (or years). Let’s turn boring walls into a cool design! Plenty of student apartments [...]

10.27.2015 Living and accomodation

The Autumn Forest

Finns love going to forest throughout the year, and autumn is the season when you still can find some tasty mushrooms in the jungles of moss. Now the Finnish forest is full of mushrooms and tar aromas. A short walk [...]

10.07.2015 Finnish Nature, General

Summer Break

I don’t say “Goodbye”, I say “See you later!” I’ve graduated Master’s degree, I’m going to continue learning Finnish language the next months and get great summer holidays. Have a nice summer! [...]

05.01.2015 Uncategorized

How Elections May Change Finland

It’s so interesting to look at the political and legal situation in Finland from an insider’s point of view! [...]

03.26.2015 Events, Studying, Work

The Sun Eclipse

It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m so amazed by the sun eclipse which has happened today.  [...]

03.20.2015 Culture, Events, General

Safe Finland. Lost & Found

It’s awesome how safe is this place! I’ve collected some stories about lost and found items in the university. [...]

03.14.2015 Culture, General, Living and accomodation, Student services

The Most Embarrassing Pictures :)

What is the purpose of these surroundings? It’s to put us into a small culture shock and to check how we understand the Finnish sense of humor! [...]

02.27.2015 Culture, General, Living and accomodation

The calendar. Time counting in Finland.

Have you noticed a specific Finnish way of counting time and putting events in your calendar? It is quite widespread in Finland and hard to ignore! [...]

02.19.2015 General, Studying, Work

Happy Valentine’s day!

From Finland with Love. What is love in Finnish culture.. ? [...]

02.13.2015 Culture, General

A Reason to Fall in Love With the Winter

Winter is a best time to have fun! [...]

01.30.2015 Culture, General

Happy New Winter!

What do you feel about 2015? [...]

01.06.2015 Culture, General

How to deal with specific issues and get right information in Finland

It is common in Finland that important public information remains invisible. Want to get any information easy and fast? Here is a solution. [...]

12.19.2014 General, Studying, Work

Attitude to work in job market and job search

I’m surprised that Finland is a country where active people are appreciated, valued, seem to be successful and it brings good results to them! Introverts find it difficult to live here, people who tend to complain and are lazy don’t [...]

12.07.2014 General, Studying, Work

A way of thinking: Succeed in any project

Subjective views to deal when completing a degree and becoming a real graduate. Things to deal to succeed in projects. [...]

11.25.2014 Studying, Work

Thesis writing II. Hints for Motivation & Logic Structure

Keep on moving and progressing with your thesis! Our mind is powerful 🙂 Big courage to all students who pursuade a degree! ))) [...]

11.12.2014 Studying, Work

Thesis writing I. Lessons learned

A Master’s thesis is a main student project, it’s time and efforts consuming, it requires a frequent and stable attention, and a clear vision of what has to be done. Here are lessons and tips that I’ve opened for myself [...]

11.03.2014 Studying, Uncategorized

Announcement of posts

Here is a new schedule of the blog and announcement of following topics! [...]

10.03.2014 General

These weird Finns in your Welcome Package

Let’s talk about people’s behavior in Finland you are not used to seeing. Finns have a different way of communication. [...]

09.20.2014 General, Student services

Small things make us happy

I’ve learned to enjoy every day I spend here. [...]

09.11.2014 Culture, General, Student services

Setting yourself in Finland

These pieces above are not glamour beauty magazines. They are representative booklets which contain useful and important information about projects at our university. I’ve became a representative of a Master’s program which I’m enrolled to. Maybe you can appear on [...]

09.03.2014 General, Student services, Studying

Time to sum up

I’ve spent two semesters and one summer in Lappeenranta, and I can say that I haven’t regretted that I’ve come to Finland. [...]

08.25.2014 Uncategorized

When we succeed even during holidays

Wow, I think we have succeeded! [...]

08.18.2014 General, Studying

One of the best summers in my life

I’ve just spent one of the best summers in my life. In Finland. [...]

08.07.2014 Events, General, Studying

The Finnish sauna. Part 2. Customs and oddities.

Have you ever thought why do saunas exist in Finland? [...]

07.24.2014 Culture, General, Living and accomodation, Student services

The Finnish sauna. Part 1.

Sauna is an important part of culture in Finland and it has its own customs. [...]

07.17.2014 Culture, General, Living and accomodation, Student services

World Cup 2014. When dreams come true.

Germany became the winner in the World Cup [Dream big, act quick and focus.] [...]

07.09.2014 Culture, Events, General

Different countries, different teachers

I continue to describe differences in study approach in the countries where I’ve studied. This time I would like to share thoughts about student-professor relationships. [...]

06.30.2014 General, Studying, Work

Summertime Finland

“I’ve got this summertime, summertime Finland”, Adele might have thought to paraphrase her lyrics a bit. Finnish summer is cool and sometimes the weather doesn’t hesitate to show its sadness. [...]

06.23.2014 Culture, Events, General, Studying

Different countries, different students

I had opportunities to attend different European universities as part of my international exchange programs. Now from my experience I would like to describe the different study approaches in different countries.I graduated from high school in Kazakhstan. We have good universities in Kazakhstan [...]

06.16.2014 Culture, General, Studying

Friendship of nations and language learning

I was glad when I got to know that we can learn foreign languages at the university as much and as many as we want. In many cases schools usually offer limited opportunities but here you have a freedom of [...]

06.09.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Financial services for students in Finland

Money matters: What you should know about payment culture and student banking [...]

06.02.2014 Culture, Finance, Student services

Meal matters: Finnish food and students’ offers

It was interesting to get to know opinions about Finnish meals and student offers from different prospective. I went to our canteen and asked a restaurant chef to say us something about food for students. [...]

05.19.2014 Uncategorized

Winter in May: Time to check your health!

We all know that our health is like a rechargeable battery which has its own lifecycle. Health care is one of the most important aspects of life if you plan to stay in Finland for a long time. Changing seasons, unpredictable weather [...]

05.05.2014 General, Student services

International spring events and the longest Wappu

Now it’s the time of many currently ongoing funny events because of the May Day. As we all know, it’s the international Worker’s Day but the Wappu May Day is also an ancient spring festival in Northern countries, and this year the celebration lasts for [...]

04.28.2014 Uncategorized

Travelling from Finland: Saint Petersburg

There are many chances to go for exchange or to be enrolled in a double degree program in Finland. I’m a double degree student. My primary school is located in Saint Petersburg and I’d like to describe some experience in this blogpost. [...]

04.21.2014 Events, General

Funny stories from students in Finland

Maybe you are really interested to listen to the voice of current students about their experience in Finland. Here you are! [...]

04.14.2014 General, Studying

Student Housing Foundation: LOAS

Last week we dealt with students experience concerning living in the student apartments. This time I’d like to present to you an interview with service director of Lappeenranta Housing Foundation (LOAS), Joonas Grönlund. [...]

04.07.2014 General, Living and accomodation, Student services

Living in Finland: accomodation and apartments

Maybe you have asked yourself 100 times “What kind of living conditions are in store for me in Finland?” Don’t worry. Finnish student apartments are quite comfortable and modern. And almost every occupied building in Finland has a sauna. Sometimes, [...]

03.31.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, General, Student services

What makes studying comfortable: library services

There are many students facilities available in Finnish universities. Finnish higher education system is designed in the way that there are many student facilities that make studying enjoying and convenient. Today’s topic about library services at LUT. [...]

03.21.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Student guilds and seasonal activities

Probably every university in Finland has student associations, they’re called guilds. Their members are students who wear outstanding outfits – colored overalls with many different ribbons. What do guilds do and why? [...]

03.10.2014 Events, General

Green Finland

It is cold and dark yet the whole of Finland tries to keep green even in the winter. Green economy and green growth: what kind of associations do you have about this country apart from the darkness and silence? [...]

03.03.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, General

Skills from the beginning: Finnish 1. Suomen tunti!

I’m going to write about practicing Finnish language and experience attending the class. Every international student in Finland can start studying language as part of integration process aimed to reduce culture shock. [...]

02.24.2014 Events, General, Studying

What is Finnish PhD studies: a typical studying or a real work?

Let’s take a Finnish example of postgraduate education process… [...]

02.17.2014 Studying, Work

Professional habits of Finns at work

Today on Monday’s post based on material of workshop “Applying for a job in Finland” I’d like to show some outlines I learned from it and reveal curtain of professional style in Finland! What is to be professional in Finland [...]

02.10.2014 Uncategorized

A startup conference and volunteering

Today I’d like to tell about a large European startup conference and volunteering. [...]

02.02.2014 Events

Find your favorite place to take a breath at LUT

Long days of studying when courses are running up, and we all human need to have convenient place to take rest or make a break. Not hiding my feelings, I found university facilities “extra right” for this purpose. Saturday’s post [...]

01.25.2014 Ergonomics and facilities

Beginning of the semester and studying related issues

Since the semester has already started I’d like to describe moments of studying and registering at LUT generally. Some of them I found really outstanding and not ordinary. [...]

01.18.2014 Studying

Happy New Year – Happy New Term!

Happy New Year and the winter holidays: Christmas and Epiphany, and congratulations with the beginning of new spring semester! Hope, this semester is going to be interesting, productive, and useful for every one of us. [...]

01.11.2014 General