Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Beach party – let’s celebrate the start of a new academic year!

Every year LUT prepares amazing social events for newcomers. The academic year begins from opening ceremony where the university rector gives speech and welcomes new students. This year it it starts on 5th of September.

The student life in Lappeenranta (and I’m sure in most of the Finnish universities) is very dynamic. What is special about our campus is that it’s situated on the Saimaa lake and every year in August or September there is a huge beach party for all newcomers! This year it will be on 5th of September.


The proximity to the lake allows students to go swimming whenever possible – everything depends only on weather. We have a beach situated very close to the university campus. This is the lovely place in summer and especially when it’s hot.


The autumn swimming in Saimaa is organized by LUT and it is not just swimming. It’s literally dropping people dressed in overalls (see the last post about overalls) into water. It is kind of  baptism although the real firtst-year students’ baptism happens in spring during Wappu celebrations. That’s fun!


The first week of the new academic year is filled with such a welcome-to-the-university parties. Parties includes a social program of games, also picnicking and getting to know more new people. It’s not only for freshmen, there are also “experienced” students. So no one is bored with the beginning of studying and it also helps freshmen to adapt fast to the student environment. Well, that’s definitely special about this place!

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