Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

Beautiful and dangerous forest mushrooms

The traditional Finnish cuisine includes different mushroom sauces. Picking mushrooms in autumn is a nice recreational activity for many Finnish people (and for me too). But not all forest mushrooms are edible. Maybe they are created by the Nature for the purpose to see them and make pictures =)


They are all different and attractive: white, brown, red… and dangerous…

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Plenty of them are similar to the good ones so it’s hard to recognize! Be careful in a forest, especially when you go to pick mushrooms.

8This toadstool looks like a chanterelle, it has exactly the same color and size. There are plenty of them in the forest. But a real chanterelle has a funnel shaped top and doesn’t grow alone.12

These are real edible chaterelles and they are usually hidden in the moss.

I’m not a mushroom expert at all so I definitely don’t pick anything that looks strange to me. And are you good at picking mushrooms?

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