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Facebook for students

Where else than in a Finnish university can you really feel the necessity to use your smartphone 24 hours a day, react to Facebook messages immediately (that became the fastest way to communicate) and join tens of groups for various [...]

02.06.2017 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services

Biking in Lappeenranta

In Finland you can bike whenever and wherever you want – between cities, to work, to study, and to just enjoy. There are many biking opportunities. Of course biking also depends on the weather but many Finns do bike all [...]

08.16.2016 Ergonomics and facilities, General

Friendship of nations and language learning

I was glad when I got to know that we can learn foreign languages at the university as much and as many as we want. In many cases schools usually offer limited opportunities but here you have a freedom of [...]

06.09.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Living in Finland: accomodation and apartments

Maybe you have asked yourself 100 times “What kind of living conditions are in store for me in Finland?” Don’t worry. Finnish student apartments are quite comfortable and modern. And almost every occupied building in Finland has a sauna. Sometimes, [...]

03.31.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, General, Student services

What makes studying comfortable: library services

There are many students facilities available in Finnish universities. Finnish higher education system is designed in the way that there are many student facilities that make studying enjoying and convenient. Today’s topic about library services at LUT. [...]

03.21.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Green Finland

It is cold and dark yet the whole of Finland tries to keep green even in the winter. Green economy and green growth: what kind of associations do you have about this country apart from the darkness and silence? [...]

03.03.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, General

Find your favorite place to take a breath at LUT

Long days of studying when courses are running up, and we all human need to have convenient place to take rest or make a break. Not hiding my feelings, I found university facilities “extra right” for this purpose. Saturday’s post [...]

01.25.2014 Ergonomics and facilities