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LUT Entrepreneurship Society

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot. I believe that entrepreneurship is a skill and not only a talent. It requires a lot of effort to learn the business and to own it. Finnish universities have their own entrepreneurship societies where [...]

01.14.2017 Events, Student services, Work

The Independence Day

(Finland emojis; here) Finland and Kazakhstan have something in common: Both countries celebrate the Day of Independence in December. Finland’s Independence Day is on 6th and Kazakhstan’s Independence Day is on 16th of December. Finland got its independency from Russia in [...]

12.04.2016 Culture, Events

Night festivals in the campus

Every autumn there are number of events and festivals dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year. This is the Saimaa sunset festival from last year: live music, live bands, night show and after-party in the student union building. Every year [...]

09.10.2016 Culture, Events

Academic adventure

As the new academic year approaches us, I’d like to show more about how the studying year actually starts in our faculty. And it starts awesomely right tomorrow, the first day of September! Why Academic Adventure? There is an orientation week [...]

08.31.2016 Culture, Events, Student services

Beach party – let’s celebrate the start of a new academic year!

Every year LUT prepares amazing social events for newcomers. The academic year begins from opening ceremony where the university rector gives speech and welcomes new students. This year it it starts on 5th of September. The student life in Lappeenranta [...]

08.25.2016 Culture, Events, General

Graduating university in Finland and abroad

When the Master’s thesis is almost done and you have gained required amount of credits, you are almost ready to graduate. What’s next? [...]

06.22.2016 Events, Studying

High School Graduation Party – Ylioppilasjuhlat

White hats – that’s what Finnish high school graduates and university students wear in respect to their obtained high school diplomas and having completed most of their university applications. [...]

06.13.2016 Culture, Events, Studying

Finnish Winter Holidays: How Has it Been?

Hurray! Winter holidays are gone and officially this week schools and universities in Finland start working. I would like to tell about two main events: Christmas and New Year. [...]

01.12.2016 Events, General, Uncategorized

Nenäpäivä or the Nose Day

The Nose Day or Nenäpäivä is a global charity event which raises funds to help people in developing countries, especially children in difficult conditions. In Finland it has been organized since 2007. [...]

11.30.2015 Culture, Events, General, Studying

SLUSH 2015

Lots of energy and drive. Awesome speeches and start up pitches.  Here and now in the heart of the IT business. It’s all about Slush, one of the biggest start up conferences in the Nordic countries. [...]

11.17.2015 Events, Work

Halloween in Finland

How people celebrate Halloween in Finland…? [...]

11.01.2015 Events, General

How Elections May Change Finland

It’s so interesting to look at the political and legal situation in Finland from an insider’s point of view! [...]

03.26.2015 Events, Studying, Work

The Sun Eclipse

It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m so amazed by the sun eclipse which has happened today.  [...]

03.20.2015 Culture, Events, General

One of the best summers in my life

I’ve just spent one of the best summers in my life. In Finland. [...]

08.07.2014 Events, General, Studying

World Cup 2014. When dreams come true.

Germany became the winner in the World Cup [Dream big, act quick and focus.] [...]

07.09.2014 Culture, Events, General

Summertime Finland

“I’ve got this summertime, summertime Finland”, Adele might have thought to paraphrase her lyrics a bit. Finnish summer is cool and sometimes the weather doesn’t hesitate to show its sadness. [...]

06.23.2014 Culture, Events, General, Studying

Travelling from Finland: Saint Petersburg

There are many chances to go for exchange or to be enrolled in a double degree program in Finland. I’m a double degree student. My primary school is located in Saint Petersburg and I’d like to describe some experience in this blogpost. [...]

04.21.2014 Events, General

Student guilds and seasonal activities

Probably every university in Finland has student associations, they’re called guilds. Their members are students who wear outstanding outfits – colored overalls with many different ribbons. What do guilds do and why? [...]

03.10.2014 Events, General

Skills from the beginning: Finnish 1. Suomen tunti!

I’m going to write about practicing Finnish language and experience attending the class. Every international student in Finland can start studying language as part of integration process aimed to reduce culture shock. [...]

02.24.2014 Events, General, Studying

A startup conference and volunteering

Today I’d like to tell about a large European startup conference and volunteering. [...]

02.02.2014 Events