Studying and Living in Finland LUT Alumni Experience by Aisulu Harjula

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Finnish Street Animals

Finland has a strong animal protection system. Even though there are many homeless cats (I’m not sure about dogs but maybe too!), you won’t see them on the streets. Homeless animals are kept in foster homes until a new owner is [...]

06.21.2017 Finnish Nature, General

Finnish Summer and Midsummer

Finnish summer is cold with rare warm days. Although the sun may shine brightly and nights are bright, wide lakes seem to be so tempting to jump in and swim, but the wind is cold and water is freezing, the [...]

07.03.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature

Hiking in Finnish National Parks

I’m impressed by the Finnish nature. I love walking there, visiting different places and watching the sceneries.  [...]

04.10.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature, Sport

The Unforgettable Lapland

Meeting husky dogs and experiencing dog sledges in Lapland is unforgettable. This is something I’m eager to do next winter. These dogs are so cute, kind, smart, and fast! [...]

03.20.2016 Culture, Finnish Nature, General, Student services

The Autumn Forest

Finns love going to forest throughout the year, and autumn is the season when you still can find some tasty mushrooms in the jungles of moss. Now the Finnish forest is full of mushrooms and tar aromas. A short walk [...]

10.07.2015 Finnish Nature, General