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My supervisor is the professor-2018

My first scientific supervisor professor Karl-Erik Michelsen received a title of the professor of the year in Finland in the beginning of this year. I’m very happy for that and I’m proud to be his doctoral student. When I was [...]

03.13.2018 Studying

Where To Learn Finnish Language

Why study Finnish language? Finnish is spoken only in Finland but it’s a mistake to underestimate its importance. If you want to live in Finland permanently or want to survive in basic everyday life, then you need to know the [...]

01.06.2017 General, Studying

Something Everyone Should Do: Learn Languages!

I admire learning languages. It makes life easier, more interesting and meaningful. It’s such a wonderful feeling to feel comfortable with using local language when travelling and you will never get lost anywhere. I have advanced skills in both English [...]

12.21.2016 Culture, General, Studying

PhD and Research

Doing research in business is so fascinating and interesting. So, in this post I would like to share little info about my research area. [...]

10.31.2016 Studying, Work

Graduating university in Finland and abroad

When the Master’s thesis is almost done and you have gained required amount of credits, you are almost ready to graduate. What’s next? [...]

06.22.2016 Events, Studying

High School Graduation Party – Ylioppilasjuhlat

White hats – that’s what Finnish high school graduates and university students wear in respect to their obtained high school diplomas and having completed most of their university applications. [...]

06.13.2016 Culture, Events, Studying

Public Defense of Master’s Thesis

In Finland you don’t need to defend your thesis publicly when graduating Bachelor and Master programmes. [...]

06.03.2016 Studying

Business English for Finnish Students

This post is linked to the previous post about English in Finnish Higher Education. I would like to share how Finnish students learn English. I’ve attended a lesson of Business English course taught for Finnish students. It’s quite a secret why Finnish students are [...]

02.21.2016 Studying

English in Finnish Higher Education

I would like to share in this post features of higher level education programs in Finland taught in English. [...]

01.30.2016 Culture, Studying

Students Guilds: Mechanical Engineering Students

Exploring university buildings from the inside is a useful and adventurous thing! You can find a lot of interesting yet unexpected places. For example, students’ guilds’ rooms. I think they are solely Finnish creation. I haven’t ever seen anything like [...]

01.19.2016 Culture, General, Studying

Psychological and Urgent Help for Students

How do you cope with stress? [...]

12.10.2015 General, Student services, Studying

Going To Exchange From Finland

Did you know that even if you come to Finland from another country to study full time you can travel for an exchange abroad? [...]

12.06.2015 Student services, Studying

Nenäpäivä or the Nose Day

The Nose Day or Nenäpäivä is a global charity event which raises funds to help people in developing countries, especially children in difficult conditions. In Finland it has been organized since 2007. [...]

11.30.2015 Culture, Events, General, Studying

How Elections May Change Finland

It’s so interesting to look at the political and legal situation in Finland from an insider’s point of view! [...]

03.26.2015 Events, Studying, Work

The calendar. Time counting in Finland.

Have you noticed a specific Finnish way of counting time and putting events in your calendar? It is quite widespread in Finland and hard to ignore! [...]

02.19.2015 General, Studying, Work

How to deal with specific issues and get right information in Finland

It is common in Finland that important public information remains invisible. Want to get any information easy and fast? Here is a solution. [...]

12.19.2014 General, Studying, Work

Attitude to work in job market and job search

I’m surprised that Finland is a country where active people are appreciated, valued, seem to be successful and it brings good results to them! Introverts find it difficult to live here, people who tend to complain and are lazy don’t [...]

12.07.2014 General, Studying, Work

A way of thinking: Succeed in any project

Subjective views to deal when completing a degree and becoming a real graduate. Things to deal to succeed in projects. [...]

11.25.2014 Studying, Work

Thesis writing II. Hints for Motivation & Logic Structure

Keep on moving and progressing with your thesis! Our mind is powerful 🙂 Big courage to all students who pursuade a degree! ))) [...]

11.12.2014 Studying, Work

Thesis writing I. Lessons learned

A Master’s thesis is a main student project, it’s time and efforts consuming, it requires a frequent and stable attention, and a clear vision of what has to be done. Here are lessons and tips that I’ve opened for myself [...]

11.03.2014 Studying, Uncategorized

Setting yourself in Finland

These pieces above are not glamour beauty magazines. They are representative booklets which contain useful and important information about projects at our university. I’ve became a representative of a Master’s program which I’m enrolled to. Maybe you can appear on [...]

09.03.2014 General, Student services, Studying

When we succeed even during holidays

Wow, I think we have succeeded! [...]

08.18.2014 General, Studying

One of the best summers in my life

I’ve just spent one of the best summers in my life. In Finland. [...]

08.07.2014 Events, General, Studying

Different countries, different teachers

I continue to describe differences in study approach in the countries where I’ve studied. This time I would like to share thoughts about student-professor relationships. [...]

06.30.2014 General, Studying, Work

Summertime Finland

“I’ve got this summertime, summertime Finland”, Adele might have thought to paraphrase her lyrics a bit. Finnish summer is cool and sometimes the weather doesn’t hesitate to show its sadness. [...]

06.23.2014 Culture, Events, General, Studying

Different countries, different students

I had opportunities to attend different European universities as part of my international exchange programs. Now from my experience I would like to describe the different study approaches in different countries.I graduated from high school in Kazakhstan. We have good universities in Kazakhstan [...]

06.16.2014 Culture, General, Studying

Friendship of nations and language learning

I was glad when I got to know that we can learn foreign languages at the university as much and as many as we want. In many cases schools usually offer limited opportunities but here you have a freedom of [...]

06.09.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Funny stories from students in Finland

Maybe you are really interested to listen to the voice of current students about their experience in Finland. Here you are! [...]

04.14.2014 General, Studying

What makes studying comfortable: library services

There are many students facilities available in Finnish universities. Finnish higher education system is designed in the way that there are many student facilities that make studying enjoying and convenient. Today’s topic about library services at LUT. [...]

03.21.2014 Ergonomics and facilities, Student services, Studying

Skills from the beginning: Finnish 1. Suomen tunti!

I’m going to write about practicing Finnish language and experience attending the class. Every international student in Finland can start studying language as part of integration process aimed to reduce culture shock. [...]

02.24.2014 Events, General, Studying

What is Finnish PhD studies: a typical studying or a real work?

Let’s take a Finnish example of postgraduate education process… [...]

02.17.2014 Studying, Work

Beginning of the semester and studying related issues

Since the semester has already started I’d like to describe moments of studying and registering at LUT generally. Some of them I found really outstanding and not ordinary. [...]

01.18.2014 Studying